Industry Designers Share Shopping Tips for Salon Equipment and Furniture

June 4, 2019 | 10:55 AM
“Ask yourself what features are most important for your stylists when looking at new stations. They commonly need more storage than is available in the salon. Extra lighting could be an additional feature. Style is important, but functionality keeps your stylists productive.”—Pete Hornig, Kaemark general manager
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“When it comes to selecting styling chairs for your salon, it’s a good idea to not go too cheap or too expensive. You need a chair that will last, but you may want to give your salon another design refresh in a few years. Find a brand with a customer-service team that can help you throughout the purchase, as well as with after-purchase questions.”—Jeff Grissler, Minerva director of corporate relations
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“The sale of products brings in solid profits, so a retail area at the entrance is always recommended, but another method that is gaining in popularity is having a display integrated into the mirror, so the client has time to consult with you about the products while getting her hair colored or styled.”—Giampiero Stuani, Gamma & Bross president
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“A customized, interactive nail polish display creates memorable excitement, a wonderful first impression and adds functionality to salons. It can help you keep nail lacquers organized, even when you have limited storage or multiple brands.  Help your guest feel more comfortable and at ease knowing they have time to pick the perfect color!”—Valerie Putnam, Michele Pelafas, Inc. director of design
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“You typically don’t come across full-length mirrored stations that are mobile. These types of mobile stations are extremely accommodating in that they open your space in terms of flexibility and service offerings. When you’re able to easily move around core equipment like your stations, not only are you able to clean your workspace easier, but you’re also able to transform your space at the drop of a hat to accommodate community events, classes and other value-added services that will attract attention.”—Lyle Mackenzie, Buy-Rite Beauty director of sale
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“Spa pedicure services should keep in mind client privacy. Technicians should be able to sit upright at the spa chair for better working comfort to prevent muscle and skeletal stress.”—Louis Benevento, Salon Interiors designer
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“When considering a retail unit, ensure the height of each shelf is appropriate for the consumer. Digital images and LED lighting attract customers to the products. A lit domain header makes it easier to find a brand or domain.”—Leon Alexander, Eurisko Design CEO and president
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“When planning a new location, be sure to allow enough in your budget for styling chairs that function to meet your needs but are also aesthetically pleasing. They can serve as a major focal point in your space just as much as the styling stations.”—George Civello, Novva Etopa presiden
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“Eyelash services are intricate and lengthy, so it’s important for the client’s safety that both the esthetician and client are comfortable. Be sure to find a setup that minimizes movement to keep the procedure as safe and comfortable as possible.”—Francesca Lewis, Takara Belmont North midwest regional sales manager
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“When planning your salon shampoo space, backwash units are a must. They are great for your salon clients, and also better for the stylist’s back by helping to improve their posture. When choosing a backwash unit, it’s important to explore all the features the unit has to offer, not just the color options. Easy plumbing access? Removable pieces for easy clean up? Pivoting bowl? Replacement fixtures in stock?”—Autumn Stepanek, Belvedere sales design consultant
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Appointing your new salon design with furniture and equipment is an exciting step, but it can also be an overwhelming process. Designers from some of the industry's top manufacturers offer guidance by  sharing some of their favorite tips for shopping for salon furniture and equipment. Before you head to the warehouse, order online or tear down that wall, take a moment to heed their advice. 

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