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2019 Salons of the Year: LaBelle Nail Bar

Stacey Soble | May 1, 2019 | 7:54 AM
A corner location and beautiful signage welcome guests into LaBelle Nail Bar.
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The leather tufted front desk and miniature chandelier tell guests their service will be an elevated experience.
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Furniture was selected with the comfort of both guests and staff in mind.
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Dark, vintage floors contrast nicely with the scroll-back cream leather chairs.
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The storefront windows flood the space with an abundance of natural light.
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The customized pedicure thrones are the owner's favortie design feature.
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A view of the manicure and pedicure areas.
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Large, clean displays invite guests to pick a polish.
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A focus table with retail offerings bring a pop of color into the space.
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LaBelle Nail Bar
Ardmore, Pennsylvania
Owner: Oanh Le
Salon style: Sophisticated, elegant, boutique
Square footage: 1,370
Manicure stations: 8
Pedicure stations: 10
Equipment: Michele Pelafas, Inc.
Furniture: Michele Pelafas, Inc.
Total Design Investment: $345,000
Nail care lines: Zoya, NCLA, NM
Design by: Michele Pelafas, Inc.
Photographer: LaBelle Nail Bar

Bright, open and refreshing with a touch of femininity, LaBelle Nail Bar is the epitome of a summer day.
Designed to encourage clients to relax and rejuvenate, large picture windows bring in an abundance of natural light, creating an overall feeling that transcends the walls that house the nail salon. At the same time, there remains an element of coziness that welcomes guests with a stylish open floor plan and rich upholstered furniture.

“The biggest challenge we faced was creating a modern design that did not conform to the traditional nail spa standard, which meant implementing new ideas for furniture, equipment, lighting, layout and design,” says Owner Oanh Le. “We overcame this by hiring Michele Pelafas, a professional interior design company that specializes in nail salon design.”

What sets the space apart are the small details that work together harmoniously. The vintage-style flooring contrasts in tone to the unique scroll back of the manicure stools and the softness of the pale gray Stella pedicure thrones. The chic reception area is glamorous, tailored and luxurious with a fully upholstered reception desk and a chandelier that invites clients into the signature beauty destination. The pedicure seating is Le’s favorite design feature. From the fabric to the finishes, they were customized for comfort, style and sophistication.

“I think they set us apart from our competition, while offering the ultimate customer experience in a safe and relaxing environment,” she says.

Every detail was planned through, and every function in the nail salon has its place, including the amenities, such as a beverage station, cleansing station and quick wax niche.

“With the salon furniture, lighting and materials, the entire space was designed for productivity and profitability, helping the service provider effectively and comfortably do their work,” Le says. “At the same time, we created a space that draws in new business while retaining our existing clientele. As a result, our business has grown, and we are realizing incremental revenue and profits.”

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