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2019 Salons of the Year: 1922 Men's Grooming Salon

Stacey Soble | May 1, 2019 | 6:43 AM
Complete with a bar, the salon is designed to be a modern-day speakeasy.
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Timmons covered the walls in ship lap and antiqued barn metal siding.
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The gorgeous retail shelves invite men, and the women who love them, to shop.
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Timmons got the idea for incorporating vintage suitcases into his retail shelves after seeing a display of them in a train station-turned-museum in Amsterdam.
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Both Keune and Minerva were so pleased with the chairs inspired by the 1922 packaging, they will be offering them to other salons and barbershops carrying the line.
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Shaving brushes are an ideal addition to the retail offerings.
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1922 Men’s Grooming Salon
Woodstock, Georgia
Owner: Tim Timmons
Salon style: Vintage, rugged, masculine
Square footage: 1,500
Stations: 6
Treatment rooms: 1
Manicure stations: 1
Pedicure stations: 1
Equipment: Minerva Beauty
Furniture: Minerva Beauty
Total Design Investment: $78,000
Retail line: 1922 by J.M. Keune
Color line: Keune
Design by: Tim Timmons
Architects: Bing Sun
Photographer: Clay Goswick

Although the 1922 Men’s Grooming Salon is housed within the modernly designed, award-winning Salon Gloss in Woodstock, Georgia, stepping over the salon’s threshold into the new men’s space is like stepping back in time into a speakeasy of the 1920s.

Owner Tim Timmons was inspired to create the new male haven after Keune gave him an advanced look at the packaging they were planning for their new 1922 by J.M. Keune male grooming line. Timmons decided to convert his 1,500-foot spa area into a new male-focused service concept.

To create a rugged, vintage look, Timmons covered the walls both with shiplap and antiqued sheet metal barn siding.

“I started by trying to resource and repurpose vintage siding, but when I couldn’t find enough I started googling methods for aging the shiny new metal siding from a home improvement store,” he said. “Soon, I found myself wearing a gas mask in the salon’s back alley applying acid to long sheets of siding with a push mop.”

For the stations, Timmons worked with Minerva to customize the barber chairs with upgraded leather, a hand-stitched logo and the blue and silver details that reflect the 1922 by J.M. Keune packaging. Both Keune and Minerva were so pleased with the resulting chairs, they will be partnering to retail the chairs to salons who use the retail line.

In the space, male guests relax with a bourbon in hand at the salon’s bar. Or, they peruse the grooming products, razors and shaving brushes, which are cleverly displayed in the retail area using cigar boxes Timmons picked up in Puerto Rico and vintage suitcases he collected after seeing them displayed in a train station-turned-museum outside Amsterdam.

Looking closer at the space, guests might note the additional design details that draw from Timmons’ personal history, such as his grandfather’s displayed fedoras or the old shoe-shine bench that his great-grandfather built.

“We surprise our guests by offering to shine their shoes,” Timmons says. “One of our clients who once worked as shoe shiner taught us the technique and now my great-grandfather’s bench has been put back into service, helping us add to the client experience.”

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