Loving Lashes: NovaLash COO Helped Make Lash Extensions a Beauty Must-Have

Anne Moratto | April 29, 2019 | 10:23 AM
A team photo at Beth Fetzer's retirement party.
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NovaLash’s  former Chief Operations Officer, Beth Fetzer
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Amos Wang is the new COO for NovaLash
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NovaLash’s Chief Operations Officer, Beth Fetzer retired this month at the company’s headquarters in Houston, TX. She stepped down on April 12th 2019 after almost 13 years of service at the company. Friends and colleagues of Beth got together to celebrate her fruitful journey with NovaLash. Present at the celebration was NovaLash Founder and CEO, Sophy Merszei

 “Beth has made huge contributions to the entire industry we all work in today," Merszei says. "She was there when the industry didn’t exist and she played a significant role in creating a structure for the industry today. Through her time at NovaLash, she helped overcome a lot of the challenges we have faced and created a lot of jobs for so many people all over the world. Our customers would have never had the opportunity for the type of income that they get through doing lashes, and if Beth hadn’t been there to make sure that NovaLash changed things for the entire industry, none of this would have been possible”   

Fetzer will be replaced by Amos Wang as the new COO for NovaLash. Amos takes over after heading the company’s Purchasing and Supply Chain Management department for over 4 years. “We all thank Beth for her contributions," Wang says. "I have big shoes to fill and I look forward to helping to get NovaLash to the next level”

Beth Looks Back at Lashing

"I was feeling a bit sad on my last day, but know that there is a good team in place at NovaLash and that they will work hard to continue the great success we've had thus far," Fetzer says. "I was truly surprised when I walked into the office and everyone was there for my retirement luncheon.  Everyone said such gracious things about my time at NovaLash, especially Sophy.  Hearing that I have had a positive impact on these people, is heartwarming and gave me a certain level of satisfaction in knowing that I've done some good.

"When I started with NovaLash, hardly anyone in the beauty industry really understood what eyelash extensions are and how they are different from tabbing.  The public knew even less but we pushed on and have created the industry as we know it today.  Sophy knew, and I believed, that the potential for eyelash extensions was there and so all our efforts were focused on getting the word out and making sure that people were using both safe products and safe techniques.  Everyday there was something new when I started, adjusting to the ever changing laws and regulations certainly kept us on our toes!

"The biggest change I've seen during my time at NovaLash, is that when we mention 'eyelash extensions' to anyone, they actually know what we are talking about!  In the beginning that wasn't the case.  The market has grown by leaps and bounds, new products have hit the market, new techniques, and new education.  The Texas legislation that NovaLash and Sophy spearheaded to allow stylists to be licensed as an eyelash extensions, was and is a significant factor in the changes we're seeing in many states with regard to training. 

"My time at NovaLash has flown by.  Literally, we've flown all over the world bringing our products and techniques to stylists around the globe.  We've had our ups and our downs, but the ups far outweigh the downs.  I have been very fortunate.  Starting with NovaLash in its infancy and see it bloom into the industry leader that it is today has made me very proud and thankful.  I will miss all of the fabulous people I've met during this journey.

"Now, at least for the time being, I'm going to relax, enjoy our new  home, and spend time with family and friends.  I love to cook and entertain so I plan to do a lot of that!"





Originally posted on Modern Salon.

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