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How Gadabout Motivates the Guest Services Team to Prebook

Stacey Soble | March 7, 2019 | 1:23 PM

Business management experts are fond of dropping the famous quote, “What gets measured, gets done.”

Nowhere is that more apparent than at Gadabout SalonSpas, a collection of seven Gadabout-branded salons, two VerVe-branded salons and a resource/education center that employs 285 people in the Tucson, Arizona area.
The managers and team at Gadabout leverage ZeeZor, a real-time data analytics and employee engagement app to check their goals.

“All managers have an iPad and they’re constantly taking screen captures of different team members’ numbers and using the mark-up feature with exclamation points, stars or words of encouragement,” say Megan Jasper, director of operations and marketing. 

For the frontline at Gadabout, Save the Dates (which many salons refer to as Prebooking percentages) are an important goal. The guest services team review this number several times daily, comparing where they are to an ambitious monthly goal set by management, because winning can result in a nice bonus.

“We try to change the prize to keep it fresh. Sometimes it’s a team goal where everyone will share in a $500 bonus, sometimes it’s an individual goal,” Jasper says. “Sometimes the prize is monetary, for example we’ll add to their hourly rate, sometimes it’s something else, like we’ll let them choose three of their favorite products.”

Jasper says having the front desk focus on Save the Dates gets clients in more frequently, which drives up revenue for the entire operation. Having an ambitious goal with a fun prize attached motivates the team to keep prebooking. “That’s why our front desk used the ZeeZor app more than 35,000 times last year,” she says.

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