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Offering a "Scentsory" Experience to Your Salon Guests

Lauren Salapatek | December 12, 2018 | 7:47 AM
Eufora's Wellness Category
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Eufora's Wellness Category
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Eufora's Wellness Category
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Eufora's Wellness Category
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Eufora International announces the launch of their Wellness category which gives salon professionals an easy way to bring the booming wellness industry to their guests in a seamless experience to complement their existing hair care offerings. The line of candles, essentials oil blends and air mists help to create an exceptional “scentsory” salon experience for guests, one that be customized to positively impact everything from heart rate to stress levels, memory and mood.

From the moment guests step into a salon, the new Wellness category sets the mood for “well-beauty”, with elevated, luxury service add-ons, as well as on trend retail products to ensure the guests can recreate that memorable mood even after they leave the salon.

"Eufora Wellness has put a calm in our salon," says Denise Gualdoni, Studio Eleven in Maryville, IL. "We run two diffusers that we keep running in the salon with the scent/oil of the week. We keep a 'menu' on each styling mirror with the scent of the week. Roller ball applications are available for all of the guests to try on the scents."

She adds, "Clients feel relaxed and cozy…hand massages are available that we mix the Essential Oils and Mix-It/blending oil for extra relaxation. Offering Eufora Wellness has moved us to to the front of the salon industry. I feel that we can offer our guests the full relaxation package."

Furthermore, Gualdoni says they use the wellness candles in the color room and cloth hand towels in the guest restroom are sprayed with the room fresheners. "Our team also puts the oils on their wrists when they are shampooing...guests really feel and smell the scent." 

The line includes:
Pure Essential Oil Blends, which help to invite an attitude adjustment, and can de-stress, energize, or set a cozy, romantic mood. The oils come in five blends - UnWind, DeStress, UpLift, ReNew, and InLove, and are designed for diffusing into the air for an aromatherapeutic experience.
MixIt, the Eufora Blending Oil provides a safe, non-irritating method for enjoying the Pure Essential Oil Blends on the skin. Made from natural cold pressed, unrefined oils of avocado, sesame, sweet almond, safflower and Vitamin E, MixIt can blended with any essential oil and used for massage or other add-on services and is also ideal for creating an in-home body spa experience.
• Salons will be “under the influence of oils” as guests are greeted with the essential oil aroma of the day filling the salon via the Eufora Essential Oil Diffuser. It is large enough to scent even the largest of spaces. The diffuser includes an automatic shut-off feature and an optional LED light show. Diffusing essential oils is a great alternative to chemical air fresheners, as it acts as both a dehumidifier and air freshener.
The Eufora BeChill, InLove, and InSpire Essential Oil Candles are masterfully crafted to conjure up their corresponding mood. They feature pure essential oil blends and are perfectly balanced in a natural wax composition of coconut and soy. Their cotton wicks ensure a clean, fragrant burn for up to 50 hours.
Two Essential Oil Air Mists, ReNew and BeChill, are perfect to freshen up any space and can instantly manifest your desired mood when there is no diffuser in sight.

To ignite the scentsory salon exploration, a beautiful hand-crafted Ritual Tray and Tester Bar are included with every salon introductory prepack, which allows guests to test, try and buy based on what appeals to their senses. The ritual tray is also ideal for presenting guests with custom aromatherapy experience options. The products in the Eufora Wellness category will also be available for retail so guests can enjoy the benefits of essential oils, candles and air mists at home, in their office or any time they are looking for a fresh mood manifestation.

The Eufora Exceptional Scentsory Salon Experience launches October 2018. For more information please visit

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