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Suretint Technologies Introduces LaRu, a New Color Management Technology

September 7, 2018 | 5:46 AM
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Suretint Technologies, an industry leader in innovative hair color business technology, is excited to announce the launch of their newest, most advanced hair color management software – LaRu.

LaRu is specifically designed for savvy salon owners, managers and colorists who want to beautify their bottom line while more accurately, more efficiently managing their hair color business, while eliminating color waste.

LaRu is an easy-to-use software system that takes color management to new heights thanks to its intuitive new, easy-to-use user interface and added features. With over 6 million color dispenses captured and with 17 patents issued, this revolutionary Cloud-based App delivers a multitude of benefits including:
• Guaranteed savings
• Reduced color waste
• Optimized color inventory management
• Real-time reports and analytics on all aspects of your color business
• Precise, detailed client profiles and formulas
• Exact color formulas replication
• Before-and-after client pictures captured for a visual history (great for social media sharing too)

The enhanced LaRu on-demand reporting feature delivers data and business insights like no other. These reports help you accurately manage inventory, identify educational opportunities, simply workflow and allow you to see what’s really trending in your business.

LaRu was developed in collaboration by top industry colorists and salon owners, along with an internationally recognized team of developers and engineers, who collaborated on every aspect of this innovative technology.

LaRu truly works as a colorist does and captures everything as it’s happening, in real-time, from consultation right through to the formula dispense, without ever interfering with the colorist’s expertise or their artistry. LaRu works with all hair color brands and across all platforms.

“As a colorist and industry educator for many years, I was excited to try the LaRu app. After using the system, I was hooked. This truly captures everything we, as colorists, do in a way that is seamless and easy. The batch sizing was perfect, the client profiles really elevate the game (including the visual client history which is ideal for those clients who love to change their looks) and the business benefits and the insights for salons is amazing. It is hard to imagine not having LaRu in place and managing your color business and formulas with this much efficiency,” commented Sue Pemberton, 2-time NAHA (North American Hairstylist Awards) Color Category winner, top industry educator, platform artist and salon owner.

“We are delIghted introduce LaRu to the industry. This next-generation app takes color management and benefits for an owner/manager to new heights. The response to LaRu has been exceptional and certain once any salon or colorists tries it, they will fall in love,” commented Beth Christie, CEO of Suretint Technologies.

For more information visit call 888-539-3787 to schedule a demo today.

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