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Vegas Beauty Unbound

Anne Moratto | October 23, 2012 | 9:03 AM
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Crown tattoos. One a princess, one for the King of Pop
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Designer Julien Barcellz works on a model
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Designer Julien Barcellz
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Makeup Artist Kari Kisch with a model
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Team Mile-High Magic
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Daughter-Mother beauty pros
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Sexy Hair 'after'
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What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.  The glitz of The Strip, the lavish floor shows and the over-the-top-ness of the town influences fashion, beauty, entertainment and music.  Vegas Beauty Unbound, a new “extreme beauty” event in Las Vegas offered three-days of exhibits, demonstrations, speakers, runway shows, competitions and parties, Vegas style.  The event culminated in The Battle of the Strands, a salon-against-salon competition in which  teams composed of stylists and makeup artists collaborate on a common theme and present it to a distinguished panel of judges. 

Title sponsors for Vegas Beauty Unbound, Schwarzkopf Professional and Sexy Hair Concepts, offered products for the competitors and large booths on the show floor.  Kim Vo, Master Colorist and Spokesperson for the Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe Line, and Rafe Hardy, Artistic Creative Director of Sexy Hair, were among the judges for The Battle of the Strands.

I was in Vegas on Sun., Oct. 21 and went backstage prior to the  Runway Show hosted by Master Colorist Kim Vo and Beauty Blogger Kandee Johnson, which Vo described as “a fun, avant garde fantasy.  It’s taking a look at fashion and then seeing how far we can push it.”  This gorgeous display of gowns, glitz and towers of hair was designed by the very talented Julien Barcellz.

 Also on Sunday, the speakers included:

  • Peter Anthony Wynn, award-winning salon owner, motivational speaker, and CEO/founder of, talked about company culture and used Starbucks as an example.

You think because you do hair you’re in the hair business but you’re not, you’re in the experience business.  Look at Starbucks.  They’re not in the coffee business.  Starbucks culture is about choice, about make a decision that is customized and personalized for me.  Clients go to your salon for something that is a million more times important than being served.  You are delivering a service and that service is giving them the feeling they want and they need.”

  • Frederick Vallaeys talking about how to use Google tools to drive traffic to salons.
  • Dr. Edward Zimmerman discussing lasers and skin therapy.
  • Jennifer Pietrzak, Education Business Expert for Sexy Hair,  offered a demo of haircutting and body movements to improve performance and health.
  • Schwarzkopf Professional presented Kim Vo talking what's new in the world of color.
  • Bhumi Makeup Brushes presented Celebrity Makeup Artist Karl Kisch discussing working in the industry.  

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