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Dare To Dream 2018: Day One

Laurel Nelson | June 24, 2018 | 9:06 PM
Pyure Salon put on an energy-infused hair show to close the first day of Dare to Dream 2018. This model gets ready to take the stage.
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“If you can count to five, you can change your life.”—The Salon People

The Dare to Dream Experience kicked off at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Sunday, June 24. This year, The Salon People owners Tom and Karen Petrillo asked attendees to focus on how to make their dreams a reality using author Mel Robbins’ “5-Second Rule.” Count down from five, make a decision and act on it.

Daring Speakers
Christopher Hermann, creative strategist and Virginia Meyer, co-owner of consulting company RedChocolate, facilitated the day with humor and inspiration.

The duo welcomed the 1,000+ attendees and then welcomed Tom Petrillo to the stage.

“This event is the only one that focuses on professional and personal development of us as individuals,” he said. “We’re geared towards service providers and the guest care team, and supported by owners, managers, The Salon People, guest speakers and Aveda.

“Everything you hear today is going to come through the lens of ‘what’s in your best interest?’”

Dare to be Seen: Cyndi DeSoto, Chief Beauty Officer at Caruh Salon Spa in Seattle, author and creator of The Significant Movement and Live Like You Matter ( was first up in the day’s inspirational line up.

DeSoto took the audience through several exercises to better understand themselves, how to improve their communities, and how to make a difference in the world.

“Live like you matter—not like other people’s time and ideas are better than your own,” DeSoto said. “Follow your ideas and use your voice. My mission is to ignite self worth on the planet.”

Dare to Win: NAHA Winners Aisling Campbell (2017 Student Hairstylist of the Year),Heggy Gonzalez (2017 Editorial Artist of the Year) and Robert Grimes (multiple NAHA finalist and award winner including 2015 Hair Stylist of the Year) shared not just the secrets of their success, but also how they overcame failures.

“Every choice is made by love or fear,” Campbell said. “You have to trust that the universe wants good things for you, and do your part to make those things happen. Finding people you know you can lean on, trust, be inspired and supported by is very valuable.”

Dare to Care: Aveda General Manager Barbara De Laere presented research and information on the beauty industry as a whole and how stylists are in a unique position to cater to changing consumer needs.
“You give guests an experience, a personalized consultation, expertise and curation, connection and transparency, and an authentic, natural brand,” she said. “You check all the boxes—you have never been more relevant.”

De Laere also spoke about the current generation of consumers: “Millennial consumers seek emotional connections—brands that focus on transparency, experience and community rather than simply quality.”

Dare to Be Happy: The day ended with Ray Civello, president and CEO of Civello and Aveda Canada giving practical advice on finding happiness in your career.

“Create deep connections versus transactions,” he said. “When we care, we bring the moment of connection to life.”

He encouraged the audience to find joy in their work and challenge themselves to overcome complacency.

Best New Aveda Artist Awards: The day ended with Dare to Dream’s first Best New Aveda Artist Awards, including a special Stylist Choice award. Finalists’ submissions for Stylist Choice were printed and given to attendees to vote on during the day. The winner, Millie Norman of Athena Salon, won $1,000 toward Aveda education in Florida.

Along with Norman, winners were announced in the following categories: social media, men, texture, color, make-up and creative cut. Winners received a free ticket to Aveda Congress.

After awards were given, the team from Pyure Salon entertained with an eye-popping, energy filled presentation.

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