When the Unimaginable Happened, This Salon Was There Every Step of the Way

June 28, 2018 | 7:16 AM
Jennie Moul opens up about her personal and poignant #mysportclipsjourney

Jennie Moul was happily into her first year as an educator for Sport Clips when she and her husband received joyful news. They were thrilled to discover Jennie was pregnant with a little boy. They named him Benjamin and began to anticipate his arrival with excitement. Then their joy turned to heartbreak.

Before Benjamin was born, doctors told Jennie and her husband that Benjamin was seriously ill. When he was born, he had only half a functioning heart and multiple rare heart defects. Jennie and her family faced a long, hard, expensive road.

Jennie’s Sport Clips team jumped into action. They called and checked on her every day. Her managers adjusted her schedule so she could spend time with Benjamin at the hospital and attend meetings with his medical team. They sent care packages to keep her spirit up. And maybe most important, the company presented the Mouls with a grant from its Wayne McGlone Memorial Relief Fund to cover all of Benjamin’s medical bills.

According to Sport Clips, the Relief Fund provides financial assistance through grants for Sport Clips team members in times when help is needed the most. It could be a loss of a home due to a tornado or flood; it could provide relief for a family or personal health crisis. Since 2012, the Wayne McGlone Memorial Relief Fund has provided Sport Clips team members with nearly $1.9M in grants.  

Sadly, Benjamin didn’t make it. But Sport Clips continued to care for its own. At Benjamin’s funeral, Jennie’s Sport Clips team showed up to support her and her family. “They were with me every step of the way,” says Jennie. “I can’t imagine not having my team by my side through everything,” Jennie says. “They were the first ones I called when I had great news to share and the first I called when we got terrible news. I knew they had my back. They were my family through everything.”

Learn more about the family values of Sport Clips.

Originally posted on Modern Salon.

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