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Must-Read Books for Building Your Salon's Culture

Jamie Newman | May 21, 2018 | 6:58 AM
The Culture Club panel moderated by Heather Yurko (left). Panelists from left to right: Bryan Nunes, Jenner Feroah and Shalene Smith, and Brian Perdue.

At the Data-Driven Salon summit, Neatbeat's Heather Yurko moderated the Culture Club panel, where salon owners dished on their best-practices related to their salons' culture. 

The panel consisted of Bryan Nunes of BLO, Jenner Feroah and Shalene Smith of Lunatic Fringe, and Brian Perdue of Salon 124 Group. They discussed strategies on leveraging data to build strong salon cultures that attract clients and retain employees.

For a starting point for any salon owner who wants to build their own salon's culture, the panelists recommended the list of the following books.

Have any book recommendations that we missed? Be sure to leave your favorites in the comments!

ALL THE BOOKS LISTED ABOVE ARE AVAILABLE DIRECTLY FROM AMAZON. Order directly by clicking on the book title. 

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