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Two Salon Furniture Companies Join Forces

April 19, 2018 | 7:10 AM
Corti Hair Diffusion in Italy by Maletti Group.
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Fitgers Salon in Minnesota by Belvedere.
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Horst Ackermann and Danilo Maletti after signing partnership.
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2018 is going to be a year of positive changes for Belvedere, the company which made history in the production of furniture for Hair Stylists & Spas, located in Belvidere, Illinois. For ABS 2018, the international venue for experts in the field, Belvedere announces an exciting joint venture with an important company in salon equipment design: the Italian Maletti Group. Maletti has long-standing experience in providing the finest furniture design for salons and Spas.

Belvedere, which was founded over 90 years ago, is renowned for its attention to beauty, design and technological innovation, proposing cutting-edge products able to meet the needs of any contemporary project. Belvedere and its Cast Iron Enameled Shampoo Bowl are timeless icons which every salon and hairdresser appreciates. With this new joint venture Belvedere will now provide the market with several collateral companies. These brands over the years have become landmarks of the beauty industry. Offering a wide range of products dedicated to the hairstyling world, as well as nail care and spas.

Belvedere has consistently increased its presence in territories all over North America with seasoned, creative and innovative salon designers including showrooms in Illinois, Florida, New York, Minnesota, California and Toronto, Canada.

Thanks to this exciting partnership between the Maletti Group and Belvedere, Belvedere-Maletti will offer a complete range of products for the North American market, and this will lead to important growth.

Innovation and quality are the key values shared by both companies, which also have in common a well-established and historical know-how in the Beauty industry.

The partnership aims at fostering high performance and comfort: the finest technologies for the well-being of the clients and the workers. For this reason, the partnership between these two major companies in the salon industry will follow two paths: on one hand, Belvedere will sell Maletti products exclusively for the US, Canada and Mexico whereas, on the other, in Europe, Maletti will provide a line specifically designed by Belvedere with an outstanding New York designer.

Belvedere is very excited to unveil this new partnership to all its customers and distributors, existing and new. The new partnership Belvedere-Maletti is sure that this co-operation will create many opportunities, and is looking forward to being part of new successes all over America, Canada and Mexico.


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