Novvo Etopa Debuts Universal Profit-Enhancing Shelving System for Retail

December 13, 2017 | 12:47 PM

Novvo Etopa has debuted a new universal retail shelving system. The new system includes the brand new Luxe Retail Shelving Unit as well as LED Lit Headers. Both items are available now and offer standard sizing and colors, as well as an option for a custom look.

Both new products are built in North America using the same environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes that have become synonymous with the Novvo Etopa brand. They are constructed with cold-rolled steel tubing that is durable but still lightweight, requiring less energy to transport. They are also finished with powder-coat paint which is not only longer-lasting than traditional paint, it also eliminates the harmful airborne VOCs (volatile organic compound) as the process does not require any harmful solvents. Eco-friendly LED lights are used for illumination for both pieces. 


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