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Dream Big: L'anza B.I.G. Event 2017 Takes Cancun

Jamie Newman | November 21, 2017 | 12:04 PM
Leah Freeman and her models from the Dream B.I.G. runway show.
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Ammon Carver and his models during the Dream B.I.G. runway show.
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Matt Swinney and his models during the Dream B.I.G. runway show.
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L'anza CEO David Berglass thanks attendees before sending them off to the B.I.G. Show afterparty.
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In the Stay Out of the N Zone education session, Gina Watkins suggested to create a zigzag section before a glaze at the bowl on both sides.
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Ammon Carver discusses how to stay out of the "N Zone" and use creative placement with natural, everyday tones.
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During the Pop Color education session, Leah Freeman explained how to apply vibrant techniques to everyday clients. "Vibes is a growing trend, especially the last two seasons," she said.
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During the Pop Color education session, Christina Carter talked about how to take colors you are inspired by as a stylist and use them on guests, such as the Pantone Color of the Year.
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The Event: 950 attendees, 700 of which were stylists, gathered at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico for the 2017 L’anza B.I.G. Event, the brand's annual conference that packs in education, inspiration, news for the upcoming year and more.

Dream B.I.G.: Each B.I.G. Event, the B.I.G. Show is the undisputed highlight in which everyone, stylists and distributors alike, walk away from feeling inspired and completely in love with L'anza and everything it stands for with its Believe, Inspire, Grow mantra.

This year, the  L’anza artistic and creative teams dreamt up a B.I.G. show of epic proportions. Artistic team members Vernon Fuentes, Gina Watkins and Mark Dolan opened the show in what turned into a real-life onstage dreamscape. Global Creative Directors Ammon Carver and Matt Swinney and Global Healing Color Director Leah Freeman laid their talents on stage and played off one another’s skills and styles in what they called the best B.I.G. Show yet.

“It wasn’t until I surrounded myself with people who supported my dreams that I could make them come true,” Swinney said. “At this company, we support eachother’s dreams and support your dreams.”

In a parade of sexy looks with voluminous shapes, dreamcatcher-adorned length and braids, and a down-the-rabbit-hole Alice in Wonderland color kaleidoscope—joined by dancers, drummers and a string of storytelling—the creative dreams of the L’anza team were made into realities, with the audience awed by Swinney, Carver, Freeman and their teams’ creations in a spectacle aptly called Dream B.I.G.

Creative wardrobe stylings by Jenna De Brino and Amanda Miller included caged skirts over harlequin fashions, ornate ballgowns assembled from recycled grocery and garbage bags and exoskeleton-looking boddices made solely from hot glue shaped over mannequins, all of which complimented the stylist’s hair looks in a seamless, complete look.

Bigger and Better: According to CEO and President David Berglass, parting ways with its annual November time slot, the brand is moving the B.I.G. Event to February 2019 and picking a location in the U.S. to make it more accessible to more L’anza “tribe” members so it can become the largest B.I.G. Event to date. Also, that summer, there will likely be a European B.I.G. Event, moving L’anza farther into the realm of being a globally-recognized brand.  

Originally posted on Modern Salon.

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