STAMP 2017: The Best and the Brightest in Salon Marketing

Stacey Soble | August 31, 2017 | 3:09 PM

In today’s world, marketing efforts face mammoth hurdles. While technology has opened up new communication vehicles over the past several years, it also has amplified the competitive clutter and the world is responding with an ever-shrinking attention span. Your marketing message not only has to break through that clutter, it has to stand up and say something important, and do so quickly—before someone else yells even louder.

Taking root as one of the most popular Salon Today 200 categories, STAMP (Salon Today’s Annual Marketing Program) is an annual competition that puts the spotlight on salon and spa marketing ideas that make the world take notice. Each idea has been tested in the salon environment and has proven its success, and our STAMP honorees are more than happy to divulge the details on each one.

Offered up in the spirit of beauty entrepreneurship, these marketing examples are ready for you to put your own stamp on them—as long as you’re willing to do your part and share your success with STAMP next year. So, click on each to read about that individual award, and don't forget to flag your favorites. 


Print Salon Advertisement
Nova Salon – Louisville, KY

Television/Cable Commercial
Cutting Loose Salon – University Park, FL – essay and attachment missing

Television Program
Red 7 Salon – Chicago, IL

Direct Mail Piece
Pyara Spa and Salon – Cambridge, MA


Salon/Spa Website
Belk – Charlotte, NC
Lux Salon—Fullerton, CA
Mango Salon – Richmond, VA

Mobile Marketing Program
Utopia Salon & Day Spa – Vancouver, WA

Social Media Campaign
Brown & DeLine Salon – Ann Arbor, MI
Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes – Denver, CO
Jiva Salonspa – Cedar Falls, IA

E-Mail Newsletter
Indira – Chicago, IL

E-Mail Campaign
Juut, Tempe, AZ
Progressions, Rockville, MD

Salon Blog
The Charles Penzone Salons – Powell, OH
Fusion--Pensacola, FL

Single Creative Social Media Post
Interlocks Salon + Spa – Newburyport, MA
Salon Art-Tiff – Ephrata, PA
Salon Spa W – Des Moines, IA


Guerilla (low-cost) Marketing Campaign
Ouidad Salon-FL by Chadwick and Igor – Fort Lauderdale, FL
The Charles Penzone Salons – Powell, OH

Best Incorporation of a National Campaign
Habitude Salon and Spas – Seattle, WA
Ouidad Salon-FL by Chadwick and Igor – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Overall Coordinated Campaign
EvelineCharles Salons | Spas | Beauty MD – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Gila Rut – San Diego, CA
Ihloff Salons and Spas, Tulsa Oklahoma

Philanthropic Campaign
ID Salon – Woodbury, NY
RedBloom Salon – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Tyler Mason Salon Spa – Indianapolis, IN

Co-branded Campaign
Tyler Mason Salon Spa – Indianapolis, IN

Multi-Location Campaign
Gene Juarez Salons & Spas – Bellevue, WA


Service Menu
Nova Salon – Louisville, KY

Branding Strategy
Bianca Maria – North Haven, CT
Glow Beauty Boutique – Braintree, MA
Parker Barber – Hammond, LA

Mission Statement
Red 7 Salon – Chicago, IL

Business Card
id Salon – Woodbury, NY

Employee Recruitment Materials
Gene Juarez Salons & Spas – Bellevue, WA
Intoto – Minneapolis, MN

Client Loyalty Programs
Nuovo – Sarasota, FL
Z Studio – Tulsa, OK


In-Salon Merchandising Display
Interlocks Salon + Spa – Newburyport, MA

In-Salon Promotional Campaign
Atelier - San Jose, CA


Milestone Marketing
Juut Salonspas—Tempe, AZ
Paris Parker—Hammond, LA

Virtual Consultation Tool
Blo—Raleigh, NC

More from Awards & Contests


STAMP 2018: Offering a VIP Program to Reward Your Clients

Stacey Soble | October 3, 2018

After years of planning, Cutting Loose Salon introduced a new VIP program that rewards guests for their loyalty. The program, which has three levels, starts every guest at the Circle Level. After a guest spends $150 in the salon, Cutting Loose sends them an automated email with a $15 gift card. When the client spends $400, the salon gifts them a $30 gift card.


STAMP 2018: Creating a Salon Mantra or Mission Statement

October 3, 2018

When Penzone Salon + Spa opened its newest location in May 2018, it took the opportunity to completely reinvent the brand. Working with business consultant Venn Brand Group and the micro agency The Wonder Jam, the salon realigned its spa mantra to “We improve lives from the outside in.” This mantra supports the salon’s new holistic approach to beauty.


STAMP 2018: Re-Branding Through Marketing Illustrations

Stacey Soble | October 3, 2018

Ginger Bay is proud of its 27-year history within the St. Louis community and wanted its brand to reflect its longtime presence. To promote the rebrand, Imaginal Marketing incorporated the St. Louis Arch and local scenery into an illustration, using the tagline Share The Love—STL is the nickname for St. Louis as well as its airport code.

Marketing Ideas
Marketing Ideas

STAMP 2018: The SpaCanna Escape

Stacey Soble | September 19, 2018

Apothecanna’s philosophy, aromas and textures perfectly resonated with the Habitude guest, so Inez Gray determined 4/20 was the perfect date to co-brand with the cannabis-derived line on a Mother’s Day campaign, because “What do Moms need more than weed cream?” The spa sold more than $45,000 worth of gift cards, attributing its success to the controversial and exciting campaign.


STAMP 2018: Try a Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Stacey Soble | September 19, 2018

Two of RedBloom Salon's master stylists took the lead on a marketing project that had some legs. Without telling the team why, they asked each member why they love what they do and collected the responses through an online form. On a Monday, when the salon was closed, the team leaders used window markers to write the responses on the salon’s windows to surprise both the guests and the team members.

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