STAMP 2017: Atelier's Clever Salon Signage

Stacey Soble | August 30, 2017 | 9:36 PM

Life Happens Fast
Atelier Salons
San Jose, California
Owner: Karie Bennett

Owner Karie Bennett knows how important pre-booking is when it comes to improving client retention, and men are the hardest clients to pre-book. So, Bennett designed a mirror cling that speaks specifically to her male clientele with male images and a straightforward design.

“The copy refers to a man’s average hair growth timeline: 2 weeks=1/8 inch growth, 3 weeks = ¼ inch, and 4 weeks = ½ inch, and it incentivizes a pre-scheduled return,” Bennett says. “This clings are also dry erase, allowing barbers to re-write with specific dates each day.”

Because pre-booking dates are stated and clearly visible in a place the guest’s attention is already drawn, it makes it easy and effortless for guests to follow through.

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