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Are Mannequin Heads Getting Cuter? And Blonder? Yes, Thanks to HairArt

Anne Moratto | May 15, 2017 | 8:30 AM
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The ubiquitous mannequin head has been undergoing a makeover. Jackie Yu, the founder and president of HairArt, has been a leading appliance and accessories manufacturer in the marketplace for 30 years. HairArt offers 100% Virgin European hair mannequins in an enormous selection, from budget to deluxe mannequins. Their newest mannequin head, Olivia, is a favorite of stylists wanting to practice their bright, vibrant color finishes.

Olivia sports 100% European hair, gently bleached to level-10, and when color is applied, true color results can be achieved.  Available lengths are 12”, 15”, 17”. Stylists can skip the bleaching process and dive right in to coloring and styling, saving both time and money.

Hairstylists also love Olivia and her sisters and brothers who are created with natural tone make-up and real hair for eyelashes.  The hair strands are woven into the mannequin with cuticle facing in the same direction to avoid tangling. 

Check out Olivia on HairArt's Instagram.

Originally posted on Modern Salon.

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