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Eric Fisher Introduces "Style With Knowledge"

April 12, 2017 | 7:48 PM
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Today, blowouts have gone from an add-on service in salons to a full-on national craze.

Blowouts are drawing a mass audience among women of all ages. There is a big educational opportunity in the beauty industry. The truth is, stylists who can’t blow dry and finish hair will have difficulty building their business and will be less successful.

You see celeb-worthy hair everywhere - from your Instagram feed to your favorite blogger. Every woman wants a “red-carpet” look of her own. Blow dry bars are everywhere. Phone apps let consumers book a stylist to come to their home. Websites and magazines are full of styling advice. Trends evolve but one thing stays the same. People want to look good. This means great blowouts will always be here to stay.

Eric Fisher, owner of Prosper U, Eric Fisher Salons and Eric Fisher Academy recognized the need to teach beauty professionals the very best techniques and tips for blow drying and styling hair. Expanding Prosper U, Fisher added Style With Knowledge - a revolutionary, in-depth blowout and styling program for beauty schools and stylists. It teaches beauty professionals how to do better blowouts, be a better finisher and be better at styling. There’s never been anything like this before.

Style With Knowledge is a culmination of the techniques, skills and tools Eric Fisher has gained in his 30-year career. The program contains the essentials and step-by-step tutorials for completing the most in-demand styles of today. The Style With Knowledge program teaches the fundamentals every stylists needs for behind the chair, on the set of photo shoots and backstage at runway shows.

Style With Knowledge contains a Book and 3-disc DVD set with:
- Insider knowledge about the elements of styling hair.
- The very best blow dry tips.
- Steps for a killer blowout.
- A series of instructional, brief and easy-to-follow videos.
- An inspiring book with master-level insights from Eric Fisher.

“I developed Style With Knowledge because I recognized a need in my beauty school for a styling and blowout program. Today, it’s all about the blowout. A client doesn’t always know if they got a good haircut, but they always know if they get a good blowout. For a beauty professional to be successful, they need to know how to blowout and style hair. The number one goal is to bring the client back and a good blowout can do just that. Style With Knowledge is the secret weapon for beauty professionals to build their business. It’s fun to watch and easy to learn,” says Eric Fisher.

Style With Knowledge Book and DVD program is available for purchase in the Prosper U store []. This revolutionary program is for any student, stylist, salon educator, salon owner or salon chain wanting to further develop their skills and grow their business. For more information about Prosper U and the Style With Knowledge program visit, email [email protected] or call 316.425.5245.

Originally posted on Salon Today.

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