Motivational Partners: The Arrojo Ambassadors Program

Laurel Nelson | March 6, 2017 | 8:50 AM
Julia Vittoro, owner of Fresh Salon in Charlotte, North Carolina, on stage educating for Arrojo.
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Julia Vittoro, describes her salon, Fresh Salon in Charlotte, North Carolina, as small, but with high volume.
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Jessica Walker, owner of Plaza Salon and Spa in Bernardsille, New Jersey, with Nick Arrojo.
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Jessica Walker, owner of the Plaza Salon and Spa says her business has doubled since she became part of the Arrojo Ambassadors Program.
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Salon owners Jessica Walker and Julia Vittorio know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a motivational company. 

Walker, who owns Plaza Salon and Spa in Bernardsville, New Jersey, and Vittorio, who owns Fresh Salon in Charlotte, North Carolina, are members of the Arrojo Ambassador Program.

Walker has been a part of the program since 2011 when she started carrying the Arrojo line exclusively.

“The Arrojo brand is based in education, which is what we needed to stay on the cutting edge of cutting and coloring,” she says. “We also get business support, one-on-one meetings, and the ability to network with other owners.”

The results for Walker have been tangible. Her business has doubled since she joined the program and started carrying Arrojo products.

Vittorio brought the Arrojo line into her salon in 2011 as well after being inspired by the Arrojo expo her team attended.

“We loved the inspiration and products, but were also attracted to a smaller brand we could connect and grow with,” Vittorio says. “I have more of a relationship with the people at Arrojo than my former brand. I can easily reach out to them with questions and get quick answers and help setting up classes.”

Walker agrees the support from Arrojo is invaluable, in particular for education and inventory.

“We can bring their educators to us using points from the program or send team members to them for events and classes,” she says. “And we love ordering products directly online. Our account representative is always in contact with us and works with us on monthly and yearly goals.” 

Vittorio says dealing with Arrojo directly in both retail and education has not only made running her business simpler, but also strengthened her connection with the brand.

“We’re a small salon, but high volume,” she says. “We’re investing in their company, and I expect them to invest in mine as well. I need my team to be motivated, educated and inspired.”

Getting with the Program

For both Vittorio and Walker, the Ambassador program is a tool for staying inspired and motivating staff.

“I’m able to bring in educators from Arrojo to reinforce what I’ve already taught my staff about retail or some other aspect of business and they often get that ‘a-ha’ moment after hearing it from someone other than me,” Vittorio says. “And for myself, I’m able to reach out to a manager at Arrojo or even Nick if I need business advice.”

Being a part of the Arrojo community isn’t just about the education and retail perks though. Walker says aligning herself with Arrojo has brought about a culture shift in her salon.

“We are in a constant state of learning and growth,” she says. “As a result, we have become an education-based salon, and teach and train from within.”

Walker adds, “The Arrojo team is on the cutting edge of everything from hair painting to updos. But they’re also great people—down-to-earth and full of integrity. They’re the type of people who do the right thing when nobody’s watching.”

Being a part of the Arrojo Ambassador program has changed Vittorio’s business for the better as well.

“My favorite perk is using reward dollars to bring educators to Charlotte to educate my whole team,” she says. “The team can’t always travel, so bringing the educator to us is a huge benefit.”

When educators visit Fresh Salon, they present the programs Vittorio requests, whether it’s creative color formulas or razor cutting, to help her stay ahead of trends. 

“I’m able to motivate my stylists through these classes and feel reenergized myself,” Vittorio says. “And when they have their expo, Nick and an additional eight to 10 speakers present at a business symposium. It reminds me why I’m doing this and lights my fire every year.” 

Originally posted on Salon Today.

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