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GKhair Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Passport to Success Cruise

Lauren Quick | February 28, 2017 | 2:00 PM
Lianne Hanford and Keva Davis, GKhair educators, on the Carnival Sensation.
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CEO and Founder Van Tibolli welcomes attendees on February 24.
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GKhair Passport to Success attendees in the atrium of the Carnival Sensation.
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Behind the scenes of GKhair's beachfront photoshoot on Grand Turk.
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Trophies for GKhair distributors celebrating 10 years of GKhair.
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Laurent Schmidtenknect educates attendees on Juvexin Cream Color and the Miami Bombshell treatment on February 26.
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The Carnival Sensation took attendees from Miami to Grand Turk and back from February 23-27.
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The Event:
10th anniversary Passport to Success cruise, March 23-27, 2017, on the Carnival Sensation out of Miami. 

The Details:
GKhair celebrated 10 years since its 2007 founding by inviting its international team of educators, distributors and salon clientele on the Carnival Sensation cruise ship for a four-day trip from Miami to Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos.

The 148 attendees were able to share ideas, connect with the global GKhair family, learn about new launches and more all while enjoying striking views of the Atlantic Ocean and a day on the island of Grand Turk. 

Founder and CEO Van Tibolli shared his GKhair journey through the years, and educators and distributors had the opportunity to talk about their own GKhair experiences and passion for the brand.

The Launch:
Tibolli announced the launch of, an ecommerce platform that links distributors, salons/stylists and consumers.

"We are trying to connect from the consumer to the salon to distribution partners," Tibolli said. "What is happening with ecommerce trends is happening extremely fast, and a lot of time we don't even have time to find out that it happened."

Tibolli noted that there has been a huge surge in online shopping. Studies predict $523 billion in online sales by 2020, Tibolli said, and there are 270 million online shoppers that are making purchases mostly on their mobile devices. will offer a mobile app, prices per country, multilingual functionality and product visibility per country. 

The Last Word: 
"It was love at first sight," said GKhair International Educator and Platform Artist Keva Davis. "I love the product dearly because it does what it says it's going to do. I was using the product about a year before I started educating. I know if I love it as much as I do, then when I speak about it, it will exude, and everyone will love it as much as I do."

Originally posted on Modern Salon.

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