5 Tips on What NOT to Do to Win a Competition

Maggie Mulhern | January 12, 2017 | 2:31 AM
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Daniel Rubin announced as winner of the Partner Category at Goldwell's Color Zoom in Stockholm, Sweden in fall, 2016.
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The winners of Goldwell's Color Zoom take the stage in Stockholm, Sweden, fall 2016.
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Daniel Rubin's winning image that got him to the finals of the 2016 Goldwell Color Zoom.
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Daniel Rubin, Salon Color Director, Trio Salon, Chicago, Illinois, is at the top of his game. The winner of Goldwell’s Color Zoom 2016 (Partner category) admits he is doing the best work he has ever done and credits much of that to his efforts in entering Color Zoom – or should we say repeated efforts. “I’ve entered every competition since 2011,” says Rubin. “I was a finalist 3 times. I never gave up.”

MODERN is with Rubin in Berlin, Germany, where he (along with the 2 other winners) is attending the Color Zoom Workshop. The goal of the 4-day session is to finalize the 2018 trend and collection to be introduced at the next Color Zoom in Barcelona, Spain this fall.

While it would have been easy to get his tips on what to DO to create a winning image, we challenged Rubin to come up with his top 5 tips on what NOT to do when entering a competition like Color Zoom. “These tips are particularly important when there is a live element for the finals,” says Rubin. “Just remember, in a competition like Color Zoom, you must re-create the look from your winning photo. It must hold up in front of a panel of judges who are judging not only your finished results, but the process.”

Here Rubin shares his NOT TO DO tips:

  1. Don’t use a blow dryer to achieve an effect. “If the hair is blowing a certain way you are setting yourself up for failure.” Rubin’s winning entry had a wind-swept panel that he created by dropping from an elevation. “Once I won the national leg of the competition I realized I would have to re-create that for the live competition. I had to learn – and it was not easy – how to make that hair stand on its own and stay elevated for hours.” (For the live competition Rubin learned that lots of backcombing and hairspray would work.)
  2. Don’t color the same day as the shoot. “You have to trust your technique,” says Rubin. You should be focused on the entire effect on the shoot day. Give yourself the proper amount of time to create a beautiful image.” Although you DO have to color the hair during the live competition, the finalist will have months to work on timing.
  3. Don’t try do to everything on your own. “Although for Color Zoom you have to do the makeup live, make up for photography is very different. Have a professional makeup artist and wardrobe person to help out.” Rubin points out that this is a good time to learn from the professional makeup artist and to make sure that he or she does not create a look that you cannot replicate.
  4. Don’t think you have to have a professional model. “I go to beauty schools to find models. A beauty school student is usually more receptive to changing her hair.”
  5. Don’t use products from a different manufacturer. Although this seems like a no-brainer, Rubin points out that this does happen. “Follow the rules,” he says. “Most colorists can tell when a formula is just not accurate – and so do the judges. You can create any look with the products and tools in the Goldwell family.” 

Rubin says that winning Color Zoom is “one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It has elevated my skills and made me realize I could do things I never thought I could do.”

Becoming a more vital part of the Goldwell family has, according to Rubin, changed his life. “I am working with people I‘ve looked up to for years. I have the title of Global Creative Team - something I only dreamed about. My advice to anyone asking if he or she should enter a competition is simply just do it, and if you don’t win right away, don’t give up!”

Originally posted on Modern Salon.

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