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Exploring Hair-Loss Opportunities

Stacey Soble | November 8, 2016 | 8:47 AM
Panelists Marsha Scott, Sheila Wilson, Jeffrey Paul, Frank Rizzeri, Brent Hardgrave, Karen Gordon and moderator Lauren Quick wrap up the first day with an animated Q&A session with HAIR+ attendees.
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MODERN SALON Media's Steve Reiss shares both a laugh and eye-opening data from the HAIR+ research study.
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Demonstrating on the back of his hand, Dr. Alan Bauman shows how using a dual-polarized HairCam lens and Apple TV turns his iPhone into a scalp microscope, giving clients a close-up look at their scalp situation.
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After networking with HAIR+ attendees for two days, Ricky Knowles, owner of Ricky Knowles Hair Wellness, shocked them when he took his hair piece off on stage. Many had no idea he used a hair system.
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With cameras in hand, attendees swarm Easihair Pro's exhibition table while Bobbi Russell demonstrates a hair system applicaiton.
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In her presentation on the causes of hair loss, dermatologist Nikki Hill reminds the audience that time equals follicles. "Inflammation chan change the ability for the scap to grow hair, and we need to shut down the inflammatory process as soon as possible."
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Jeffrey Paul shares his journey into hairloss and the formation of his charity, Wigs for Kids.
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In a session on extensions and wigs with Brent Hardgrave and Marsha Scott, a brave client who suffers from female pattern baldness demonstrates the confidence she gains from a hair system.
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Modern Salon Media held its first HAIR+ Summit in Atlanta, October 15-16, offering stylists, and salon owners the opportunity to dive deep into the causes of thinning hair and hair loss, while exploring the many solutions available for their clients who suffer from hair loss issues.

Modern Salon Publisher Steve Reiss and Senior Editor Lauren Quick welcomed attendees, and Reiss set the stage for the event by reviewing the client and stylist data from the 2016 HAIR+ Research.

Over the course of the two days, medical professionals who specialize in hair loss contributed to the heightened knowledge of the subject. Dr. Nikki Hill reviewed follicle anatomy and how to recognize the different causes for hair loss. Drs. Keith Jeffords and Alan Bauman detailed the medical and surgical treatments for hair loss, including laser light therapy, PRP, follicle unit extraction, as well as how they partner with beauty professionals to widen the options available to salon clients. And, Dr. Linda Kelly examined the different hair textures and the unique needs of the African American client when it comes to hair loss.

Throughout the weekend, beauty professionals including Karen Gordon, Brent Hardgrave, Marsha Scott, Jeffrey Paul, Sheila Wilson, Frank Rizzeri and John Crager, took the stage individually and served on panel sessions, sharing their experience in building a hair loss expertise. From how to handle a sensitive consultation; address client needs with products, supplements, extensions and hair pieces; market their services; handle the unique needs of chemotherapy patients; build a network with their medical communities, they generously shared every nuance of their hair loss businesses and answered eager questions from the event’s attendees.

A variety of artists from different companies demonstrated to attendees how they can address their clients thinning hair needs with extensions, wigs and enhancements.

During the breakfasts, lunches and a cocktail party, attendees networked with another, pledging to build a community and keep the conversation going through the ‘HAIR+ by Modern Salon’ Facebook community. Throughout the networking sessions, attendees swarmed the exhibitor tables, watching demonstrations and gathering information on the latest developments in haircare products, extensions and hair systems.

“The HAIR+ Summit was absolutely the most informed, concise and educational conference that I’ve ever attended, which provided so many options to an issue I have been struggling with for years,” said attendee and stylist Susan LeBlanc. “I left feeling like I had a grip on proven solutions that I could offer my clients.”

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