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The Business of Hair Color: Make Your Color Shine

Stacey Soble | March 31, 2014 | 1:02 PM

The Business of Hair Color: Make Your Color ShineIf you’re going to be serious about color in your salon, make sure it shows. “Don’t put your color light under a bushel,” say Beth Minardi, renowned colorist, color educator, Joico spokesperson and founder of Minardi Luxury Color Care and Beth Minardi Signature Shades. “If you offer color services, then don’t put your color room on a separate floor or in the back of the salon – it needs to be visible and right in the face of the client.”

Color services need to be integrated into the menu too, and purposeful, says Minardi. “You have to put the sizzle with the steak—talk about dimensional color, glazing, camouflage, rich dimensional tones.”

Appoint a color director in your salon by identifying who’s the most passionate about color and has the most education. “The color director can be called over to help excite the client—and that excitement is important,” says Minardi. “Too many stylists don’t act excited about anything they do.”

And, everyone in the salon has to have beautiful haircolor, stresses Minardi. “They need to be aspirational.”

The Business of Hair Color: Make Your Color ShineWatch and learn as haircolor icon Beth Minardi reveals three new applications designed to deliver gorgeous, fashionable color that will keep your clients coming back for more. Plus, every technique features Beth Minardi Signature shades, providing the exact color formulas you need to elevate your reputation as a star colorist. Order the DVD today at

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Salon & Spa Services
Salon & Spa Services

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