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Take Action Guide: People, Pets, and Planet

Stacey Soble | March 3, 2014 | 8:31 AM

People, Pets and Planet
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Use Me! Refill. Reuse. Repeat. is an eco-chic wet line which provides nationwide opportunities for partner salons to get involved, following three philanthropic pillars—people, pets and the planet. Last year, Use Me salons were invited to provide makeovers for domestic abuse survivors, volunteer at local animal shelters and attend organized beach clean-ups along the East Coast. In addition to salon-focused charity events, Use Me is a 1% for the Planet member, meaning one percent of total annual sales are donated to underfunded environmental groups and nonprofits around the world. Use Me ensures clients look, feel and do good each time they make a purchase from a Use Me salon.

Take Action Guide: People, Pets, and Planet


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