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SOTY 2014: Gary Manuel Studio

Stacey Soble | May 17, 2014 | 12:19 AM
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Gary Manuel Studio
Seattle, Washington

Owners: Gary Howse & Manuel Benevich
Established: June 2013
Salon style: Urban, Wired, Eco-chic
Square footage: 3,400
Stations: 34
Equipment: Belvedere, Salon Italia
Furniture: Etopa
Total design investment: $1,300,000
Retail: Aveda
Color line: Aveda
Design by: Graham Baba
Architects: Graham Baba
Photography: Matt Eddington

Owners’ Comments:


“Our  wood wrap envelops the entire design area, floor, ceiling and walls, then wraps out onto the sidewalk to create an impressive sign. This element brings an organic feel to the space which is congruent with our commitment to the environment.”


Judges’ Comments:


“The reclaimed wood combined with metal elements and a splash of orange creates a zen industrial look.”—Patrascu


“The wood wrap that encircles the salon and the stainless steel stations reflect the techno culture and eco-friendliness assocation with the salon’s Seattle location.”—Hillenmeyer


“The retail area grabs attention thanks to bright lighting.”—Martin


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