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Lend Some Learning

Stacey Soble | April 4, 2014 | 11:00 AM

Lend Some LearningFostering advanced education in your salon or spa doesn’t always require shelling out top dollar to bring in big-name educators or send staff away to top academies. If you have a small space available in your breakroom or office, consider installing a bookshelf and start stocking the shelves with a variety of books, CDs, and DVDs that you can assign to team members or let them borrow. And, don’t forget about online classes or streaming videos you can tap into which require no shelf space at all. Before you know it…

Beth Minardi, Kris Sorbie, Marco Pelusi or Jamison Shaw Hairdressers could be showing your staff new color techniques.

Jon Reyman, Patrick McIvor, Tracey Hughes, Sam Villa or Jamie Carroll could be whipping out their shears and introducing your team to a new cut.

Prom and wedding season is just around the corner--the great Martin Parsons could be arming your team with a specialty menu of new updo offerings.

Have some team members that want to focus on male guests? Greg Zorian could be ramping up their barbering skills.

Antony Whitaker and Paul DiGrigoli can illuminate your team’s next steps to career growth.

And don’t neglect your guest services team. Kristi Valenzuela can help you inspire your front desk staff to be an active part of sales and service team.

When your team says they don’t ‘want to sell,’ McClive Learning can take your service providers through art of retailing step-by-step.

Eric Fisher can help instill customer service protocol that build a new culture for your salon and spa.

When morale gets low, Dr. Lew Losconcy, Geno Stampora and Vivienne Mackinder can give your team an extra boost of inspiration and motivation.

And, don’t forget, owners need education too:

Neill Ducoff can help you be a better leader—the No-Compromise way.

Whether you’re starting up your first salon or want the one you have to make more money, Jeff Grissler has a guidebook for you.

And, the Salon Summit team can show you how to gain and maintain control over your salon business in today’s economy through some real-world examples.

Best of all, you can find all this great education and more in one place – our new ecommerce site Visit today and start stocking your salon’s shelves, then come back often as we continue to add more books, DVDs, online classes and stylist gear.

Originally posted on Salon Today.

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