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The Business of Hair Color: Prep the Color Canvas

Stacey Soble | April 1, 2014 | 12:24 PM

The Business of Hair Color: Prep the Color CanvasNothing damages a salon’s reputation in the community faster than a series of bad color results, but even the best technical colorists struggle when a client comes in with hair that’s already compromised by mineral deposits. A pre-treatment like Malibu C not only helps colorists be more successful in formulation, it helps them create superior, longer-lasting, says Trisha Rice, Malibu C’s director of global business development.

As the former owner of Timeless Hair Design in Gig Harbor, Washington, Rice understands the importance of prepping the hair color canvas—hair. “When we started pre-treating clients, we built a huge reputation as a color salon very quickly and it helped us maintain the salon’s consistency of service.”

Rice says salons can choose to incorporate the treatment into their signature color service and upcharge for it, or incorporate it into the existing color service charge more overall than their market because they are delivering a superior service. “For clients, the three biggest issues with color are grey coverage, fadage and lack of shine – if you can resolve these three issues, clients will pay more,” says Rice, who reports colorists on average bring in 30 percent more.

For salon managers, the service offers one more benefit: “With the coloring confidence this prep treatment brings, colorists are able to handle any color line in a salon’s dispensary—which makes it easier to bring in a new color line or make adjustments,” points out Rice.

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Salon & Spa Services
Salon & Spa Services

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