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Create Summer in Your Salon

Stacey Soble | August 1, 2016 | 9:27 AM

Many of your clients may not have the luxury to take time off and go on a long summer vacation. Their jobs, children and financial obligations may have them stuck in a rut or should I say home for the summer. The one thing they haven’t given up is their salon visit. This may be the best time they have to relax and gives them the ability to be away from family, work and everyday things that keep their lives so busy.  

Why not take them on a virtual vacation by changing the look of your salon to feel like summer. I’m not suggesting a remodel, just a few tweaks to give your salon more of an uplifting summery feel.

Create a Summer Display- Greet them with a fun summer display as they walk through your doors. Gather all your summer products, such as products with SPF, sunless tanners, beach-wave hair products, etc., and decorate the display with a beach umbrella, flip flops or colorful beach towels.

Find a Storage Area- Time to get rid of fake plants, anything that’s dark, dingy, threadbare and downright ugly. The painting that’s been hanging on your salon walls, metal wall art, dusty old entrance rugs or mats. They all should go in storage or toss them out.

Change the light bulbs and direction of your lights- Who would think that changing out your bulbs would make a difference? Well guess what, it does. You will pick up a ton of light just by changing the bulbs in your salon. If you have spot light do the same and also move them and shine them in a different area. All this will bring new light into a room and make your customers feel better and more alive.

Cover what you can’t move- Like we said before we are not looking for you to spend a ton of money. If your reception couch is tired or a dark color cover it with a bright swath of fabric. Maybe a new bright slipcover or a woven Bolivian blanket. If you have a large wall or pieces of art that you don’t want to throw away or move also cover these with bright colored swaths. This will immediately change an area and brighten up even the darkest room. Instant summer!

Candles- There are many candles that are made to smell like flowers or the beach. Nothing better than the smell of summer to remind you of the beach, water and your feet in the sand.

Fresh Cut Flowers- Almost every grocery store in America sells flowers. Or, better yet, pick fresh flowers. Sunflowers look beautiful and last a long time. Put fresh flowers on your front desk, and small vases on your styling stations with fresh cut flowers to bring the smell and beauty of summer into the salon.

Create a Summer Display- Greet clients with a fun summer display as they walk through your doors. Gather all your summer products, such as products with SPF, sunless tanners, beach-wave hair products, brightly colored nail polishes, and decorate the display with a beach umbrella, flip flops or colorful beach towels. Not only will this put clients in an immediate vacation frame of mind, but it will boost your sales of these products.

Expand Your Beverage Selection-Add lemonade or a fruit-flavored iced tea to your beverage selection, and be sure to have lots of ice on hand.

Bathrooms- Don’t forget about the bathrooms. Bring in a brightly colored bowl or plates to hold towels or wipes. Change the color of your towels to yellow, orange, red or blue. Fill a beautiful bowl with colored marbles if you have the room on your counter. All of these little things in the bathroom will add to the summer vibe of the salon…

As salon owners, it’s up to us to come with new ways to keep the customers you have happy. Doing the little extras that don’t take a giant bite out of your pocketbook, yet gives your salon the feel your customers wish for and deserve. The little things you do and the subtle seasonal changes will always keep your salon on the cutting edge. If you’re in the salon every day why not make it as comfortable and summery as you can, not only for your customers but you and your staff as well.


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