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Service Spotlight: Anti-Gravity Facial at George the Salon

Jamie Newman | December 15, 2015 | 4:13 PM
The reception area at George The Salon in Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago’s George the Salon is helping clients practice yoga—for their faces. While there aren’t any downward dogs or child’s poses used, esthetician and Spa Director Lindsey Blondin says the salon’s Anti-Gravity Facial uses microcurrent and light therapy to act like facial yoga. The treatment helps tone and rebuild collagen.

Owner Name: George Gonzalez

Name of Service: Anti-Gravity Facial

How long does the complete service last? 75 min

How much does the service cost? $225

What products are used? Products from the Sircuit Cosmeceuticals Professional Line, including cleanser, exfoliator, dry oil, mask, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm and sunscreen. In addition, an ultrasonic machine and a micro-current LED light and radio frequency machine are used to perform the service.

Menu Description: “This facial is ideal for guests looking for a lift, or wanting to prevent and reverse falling in the face. It uses the NuFace device that uses a microcurrent to shorten, lengthen, tone, and train the muscles to lift or prevent them from falling. This facial also includes light therapy to help rebuild the natural collagen and elasticity in the skin. Overall, the facial is designed around preventing and reversal of aging.”

Who is the target market for this service? 

“Anyone looking for anti-aging or anti-sagging preventative care,” Blondin says.

How many services are sold per month? 

“It varies, however this is without a doubt one of our most popular service offered,” Blondin says.

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Salon & Spa Services
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