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Brooklyn is Our Muse

Allyson King | September 10, 2015 | 2:32 PM
Shannon and Allyson King settle on Brooklyn for the site of their new multi-cultural salon, Hair & Co. BKLYN.
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Shannon King, on stage with Keune.
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Allyson and their daughter Sydney, taking their Vespa 'Zippy' to school.
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A typical Brooklyn neighborhood.
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The Brooklyn Bridge.
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Sydney's hair, which partly inspired the desire to open a multi-cultural salon.
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Have you ever wanted to open a salon? We did.  And after 20+ years in corporate America, we are finally doing it.  Join us on our journey as we bring the know-how of big business to our own salon, Hair & Co BKLYN.

We're the King family: Shannon, Allyson and we have an 8-year-old daughter Sydney.   She’ll pop up later.        

We've been really blessed, we started our career as hairdressers as teens right out of high school both with a dream and with passion.  

 I wanted to be a CEO of a large company, (former VP Salons for ULTA and CEO of Dessange Group North America), check.  

Shannon wanted to be a world renowned platform artist and educator, (Int'l Artist and Exchange Facilitator Redken, Matrix Global Director of Education and Training Development and Int'l Artist for Keune), check.  

Now it's time to take what we've learned and do it on our own, our own vision, our own style.  We've traveled the world. Now, I'd love to ride my scooter to work and pick our daughter up from school each day, priceless.

Our goal is to, take all the juicy nuggets we learned in the past 20 years, open a great salon and help salon owners and stylists be the best at what they do and make an amazing living at it.

 The salon space is very competitive.  If we are going to jump in the first thing we need to figure out is how we would be unique.  What's are point of difference?  We live in Brooklyn, NY.  Salons are a dime a dozen, I'd bet you'd say the same in your neighborhood.  We thought we keep it close to home.  Brooklyn is COOL, Brooklyn is eclectic, Brooklyn is truly a melting pot.  

Every day someone comments how beautiful our daughter's hair is.  Isn’t it amazing….

What if we opened a salon that was truly multi-cultural, just like our family.  It didn't focus on Caucasian hair or African American hair, it focused on Brooklyn hair.

What if every stylist could do every client's hair, really every client. Wouldn’t it be awesome, no matter who walked in - no sweats, no shakes, no feeling terrified that you might not satisfy him or her. What if every client was serviced with enthusiasm, creativity and style because the team got it.  The team got hair is hair.  That's all hair.

 That's our mission and Brooklyn is our muse.  Time to get to work.  Chat with you soon.

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