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Career Do-Over: What I Would Have Done Differently with Jim Wahl

Anne Moratto | June 5, 2015 | 11:56 AM
Jim Wahl, Executive Vice President, Wahl Clipper Corporation


At some point in their careeer, everyone would love the a do-over--a second chance to say what they meant or act with the wisdom they acquire later. 

We asked the question: If you had the opportunity to change a decision you’ve made in professional career, what would you change and why?


"I would have made men’s grooming even more of a focus than it is right now. Professionals are beginning to really see what Wahl can offer in terms of both beauty and barber schools and with advance men’s cutting education. We have always had the right tools for the job, but we just need to educate the community on how to use them even better than we have in the past."


Jim Wahl, Executive Vice President, Wahl Clipper Corporation


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