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Neill-TSP Launches Inspiring Website Focused on Salon Business

Stacey Soble | March 31, 2015 | 12:55 PM

When Neill-TSP launched its new website a few months ago, the result a far cry from the typical corporate website.  Instead of mission statements and product photos, features ideas, inspiration, tips and tools for stylists and owners—packaged in an innovative design.  

"Our mission was to create an environment where people can meet their full potential,” says Tom Petrillo, Neill-TSP principal. “This website is a vehicle that illustrates how Aveda salons openly share how to accomplish this,” he adds.

The user-friendly home page invites professionals to do one of four things: Get Solutions, Get Inspired, Get Us or Get Started.

The Get Solutions section is a how-to handbook with salons offering real solutions in four different categories: growth, culture/leadership, operations, and education/creative. Article topics that have recently trended in this section include tips on guest retention, how to grow referrals, and payroll methods.

In the Get Inspired section, salon owners share how they’ve achieved their goals. Reader-favorite articles include one on productivity, tips for developing an education program and lessons on growing your business to multiple locations.

“We are lucky enough to work with some of the best salons and spas in the world,” says Petrillo. “Together we have tackled some of the biggest challenges facing salon and spa owners,” he adds. “Sharing our ideas and solutions ultimately will help us all grow, and every salon and spa that succeeds makes our world, and our industry, better—one guest at a time. That is why we created this site.”

For salon owners who want to learn more about Neill-TSP, the Get Us section details the company and how Neill Corporation and The Salon People (TSP) partnered together to share their talent and better serve their customers and employees

In the Get Started section, a salon owner who’s interested in growing with Neill-TSP can fill out the necessary information to begin their journey.

Check out the site by visiting


Originally posted on Salon Today.

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