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Service Spotlight: Hard Rock's Rhythm & Motion Synchronicity Massage

Stacey Soble | February 18, 2015 | 5:33 PM
Music-infused services create a point of difference for the Rock Spas in Hard Rock Hotel locations.

Hard Rock Hotels infuse a thread of music through everything they do, including spa experiences on site. A handful of the hotels have Rock Spas that feature new Rhythm & Motion spa menus that utilize amplified vibrations, pressures and patterns as the foundation of their treatments. Among the offerings is the Synchronicity massage.

Where it’s at: Hard Rock Hotels in Palm Springs, Ibiza, Riviera Maya, Punta Cana, Hollywood and Tampa

Description: Based on traditional Swedish massage practices, a massage therapist synchronizes movements with a curated playlist that connects the healing power of music to massage therapy. “The treatment laps into memories to create an experiential journey in sync with a performance of techniques, pressure and rhythm,” says Dale Hipsh, VP hotel and casino operations development for Hard Rock International. “The massage is infused with a choice of natural organic essential oils to reduce stress, ease muscle tension and detoxify.”

Who performs the service: Trained massage therapists

Supplies used: Amala products

Duration: 50-80 minutes

Cost: $135-290 (varies by location and duration of the service)

How it’s marketed: “The service is marketed through individual property teams and on a brand-wide level,” Hipsh says.

Target market: Clients who are looking for musically focused, above-and-beyond treatments. “Much like seeing your favorite artist perform live, you would rather be nowhere else,” Hipsh says.

How the service contributes to Hard Rock Hotels’ success: “As an extension of our brand DNA, Rhythm and Motion treatments reveal the bandwidth of our Rock Spa offerings and highlights our unique approach to hospitality, which drives awareness, trial, induces return, and of course makes you want to dance!” Hipsh says.

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Salon & Spa Services
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