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2015 Coaches and Consultants Guide: Empowering You

Stacey Soble | November 4, 2014 | 11:28 AM
Amy Carter and Louis Mattassi, owners of Empowering You Consulting  |  812-455-1367 or 415-866-4560  | [email protected] |  Owners: Amy Carter and Louis Mattassi

We empower our clients with the skills, abilities, knowledge and support they need to transform their salons or spas into the successful businesses of their dreams. From goal setting to understanding finances and key performance indicators to complex issues like sales strategies, hiring and training rock-star employees, we cover every aspect of the beauty business. Intensive weekend workshops, intimate one-on-one and in-salon training, and even learn-at-your-pace webinars equip our clients with the help they need to turn their salons and spas into the next success story.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: Each of the coaches and trainers at Empowering You have built successful, profitable beauty businesses from the ground up, facing the same struggles—staffing, finances, management, inventory, training, bookkeeping—as our clients. We draw on strategies we’ve used and refined through years of practical application to guide our clients on their journey to success.

HOW WE WORK: Empowering You provides coaching and training on your schedule. We hold live workshops like our University series and our trade-show seminars on a regular basis, but we also provide one-on-one assistance in your salon. We also offer a number of online solutions through web-based videos, presentations and activities that will help you have a positive impact on your business. For those clients who prefer a phone or Skype call, we offer coaching and training for individuals and groups like your salon or spa team.

CATCH US AT: You can find Empowering You at all the top beauty shows across the nation. We also travel the country for our 3-day University classes, an intense look at how to transform your salon or spa. We will be in New York City, May 3-5, 2015.

WORDS OF WISDOM: Without clear goals and a plan to achieve them, your dreams of success will remain dreams; let us help you make those dreams a reality.

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