2015 Coaches and Consultants Guide: Naked Audience Productions (NAP Events)

Stacey Soble | November 4, 2014 | 10:01 AM
NAP Events Owners Bonnie Bonadeo and Alejandra Crisafulli  |  877-319-2405, Ext. 5 or 623-810-9663  |  [email protected]  |  Owners: Bonnie Bonadeo and Alejandra Crisafulli

NAP Events offers events, corporate training, coaching and online learning programs to support you in Mastering the Art of Authentic Communications in leadership, public speaking, life and business coaching, along with personal and professional brand coaching. 

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: We are not in the business of adding more techniques and tools to your role as owner, leader or educator. We support you in finding your authentic self so that you are able to connect with others, communicate effectively and understand the emotional behavior of yourself and teams. Our 180 Method causes a directional shift that allows for changes to be made quickly and permanently.

HOW WE WORK: You can attend one of our Events, such as L.E.A.D. Communication Course, STAGES-Pubic Speaking Course and STAGES for Sale People, or learn authentic leadership skills through one of our online learning programs or free webinars. And you can connect with us through our NAP Coaching Programs which incorporate our certification trainings as part of your program.

CATCH US AT: Join us at many of the industry’s trade shows, at our academy in San Diego, or connect with us as we take our Academy on tour in 2015. We also offer corporate trainings at your location, customized for your team.

WORDS OF WISDOM: Our mission is to support humanity through connection of your authentic self, to uncover and discover the naked truth about you so you can authentically connect, engage and inspire others. Are you ready to get naked?

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