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Perspectives: The Tenacious

Elizabeth Jakaitis | October 2, 2014 | 9:27 AM
THE TENACIOUS: “I tell my daughter every time she’s learning something new - You can do anything you put your mind to! It doesn’t mean it comes easy, it doesn’t mean you’ll nail it on the first or second try. It means be open, listen, learn and never give up. If you have a clear vision of where you want to go, bring the right team together and lead, anything can be accomplished.” —Allyson KIing, president and CEO, Dessange Group North America
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THE TENACIOUS: “When your team looks to you, too little tenacity is viewed as apathetic, too much tenacity is viewed as being stubborn. A good leader, with a balance of tenacity, can infuse unwavering belief that the chosen direction is the right one. I am a believer in many aspects of balance, and having the right balance of tenacity, while demanding timely completion of quality work, has been my formula for success both at Scruples and at home raising my incredible (I think) children.” —Tracy Liguori, co-president, marketing and advertising, Scruples
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THE TENACIOUS: “I don’t believe ‘no’ is an answer; it’s a challenge to be creative and seek a path to ‘yes.’ It’s rare that things can’t be done. My job is to remove barriers to make the impossible possible.” —Sandra Bruce, executive director, Milady
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THE TENACIOUS: “I won a Global Salon Business Award in 2008, an award created by Paula Kent Meehan and administered by UCLA’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. Paula hosted a dinner for all of the finalists at her home, which was previously owned by Elvis. She transformed the tennis court into our dining room, and even had an Elvis impersonator surprise us with some hip-swiveling and singing. We got to spend time with amazing salon owners from all over the world, and we got to sit in the UCLA Anderson School of Business and ask them questions. Inspiring is too small a word for what Paula created and who she was to our industry.” —Karie Bennett, owner of Atelier Salon and Studio in San Jose, California
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THE TENACIOUS: “Four years ago, our company received an adverse litigation decision that forced us into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It would have been easy to shut down and close up shop but instead, we dug deep, restructured, sought outside financing to settle with creditors and, in just 18 months, we were able to resolve all of the claims and became solvent. Tenacity truly is the #1 word that drives us to succeed!” —Serena Chreky, vice president, Andre Chreky, The Salon Spa, Washington, D.C.
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THE TENACIOUS: “I seek satisfaction by challenging myself continuously to set ambitious long-term goals and fighting to overcome obstacles. I am not one who seeks to end at the finish line, my adrenaline pumps during the pilgrimage to see how far I can take the company.” —Lina Heath, president, EvelineCharles Salons.Spas.BeautyMD.Academy
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In SALON TODAY’s past three October women’s issues, we’re honored a bevy of incredible leaders. This year, we invited these alumnae to partake in a special Perspectives, by asking them to define themselves.

The January issue Entrepreneur identified the seven characteristics of successful entrepreneurs/leaders as tenacious, passionate, risk-taker, visionary, self-believer, flexible and rule-breaker.

Among our 38 women, six describe themselves as tenacious: 

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