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Perspectives: The Passionate and The Passionary

Lauren Salapatek | October 2, 2014 | 8:59 AM
“As a business owner, if you are not passionate about what you are doing then everything you are confronted with will seem arduous and difficult, and can wear you down. With true passion, any challenge can be overcome and your passion will push you forward to find innovative solutions and to not become a victim of the status quo. But, passion alone isn’t enough—you must have a passion for learning as well and be dedicated to growing your knowledge every day in business and in people.” —Beth Bewley, co-founder, Eufora International
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"People often describe me as a passionate individual, and I believe it’s what has led to my success. At the beginning, my passion inspired me through the long days and hard conversations and drove how I navigated business. My passion for the industry is what has allowed me to work hard every day for the past 20-plus years.” —Susan Haise, owner Neroli Salon and Spa and Institute of Beauty and Wellness, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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“For me, passion drives my energy to take risks that normally would seem near impossible to succeed without it. Passion can be contagious, and as a leader it is important that my team feels the direction from me rather than just hears it.” —Denise Provenzano, founder and president of Zano Salons, Naperville, Illinois
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“Passion is a powerful emotion that more often than not trumps reason…it evokes feelings that then fuel my actions. Being passionate creates and sustains my energy to express my purpose…to wake up every person I touch to the power within!” —Debra Neill Baker, principal and chief inspirational officer, Neill TSP
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“Passion has been the source of my finest moments on the journey to success. I believe if you’re good at something, are passionate about it, and you can make a living doing it…what a combination! For me, passion exhibits purpose, enthusiasm, drive, excitement and the best career ever!” —Sandra Smith, former salon owner, three-time NAHA winner, freelance educator
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“I’ve always been passionate and concerned about chemicals that stylists are exposed to in this industry. Cosmetologists have some of the highest rates of cancer in any industry. My passion and life’s work has been to bring non-toxic, high-performing products to the industry so that stylists no longer need to be concerned about what they are exposing themselves to.” —Inga Tritt, founder of Original Sprout
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“The spark I feel for this industry has always been my driving force, and that flame keeps burning brighter the longer I am in this business. The passion to learn new concepts, new techniques and better ways of doing business has brought us success, but more than that, when I see that same level of passion in our stylists I know there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.” —Ann Ratner, stylist and co-founder, Ratner Companies
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"Sincere passion becomes an obsession that guides all your daily actions, so things like tenacity, flexibility and risk follow. I feel like I was put on earth to bring false lashes back, and the passion I feel for all things eyelashes makes me bend rules and envision new products all the time. Strange factoid? When my mother was expecting me, she actually grew a single, inch-long eyelash from the hormonal changes, and saved it in a jewelry box when it fell out.” —Sophy Merszei, CEO, NovaLash
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“I believe if you are passionate, hard work is not hard. Passion is true emotion and connection to what you do and who you work with. Passion is about combining heart with skills to drive incredible results.” —Rhoda Olsen, CEO, Great Clips
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“Passion has been my continued driver as I LOVE this industry! However, just the energy of passion, without a focused purpose, will not achieve the results of the outcome or goal. My ultimate purpose is to be the tipping point for all things beauty within the professional realm.”—Sydney Berry, president and owner, Salon Services & Supplies
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“Passion equals love and, however cliché, ‘If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life,’ still holds true. There will be missteps in your journey, but it is your passion that will provide the fuel to propel you forward and keep having fun.” —Paula Malloy, director of business development, The Kirschner Group
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“Passion isn’t just enthusiasm it also includes what you believe would be a contribution for others to experience greatness, so the true beauty of whom we really are can be expressed.“ —Bonnie Bonadeo, founder of The Beauty Agents and Beauty Goorus
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PASSIONARY (PASSIONATE + VISIONARY): “I try to look at the choices and think outside the box to make a unique statement. Some may say that makes me a rule-breaker, but I say it makes me creative!” —Mia Liguori McHugh, co-president, Scruples
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In SALON TODAY’s past three October women’s issues, we’re honored a bevy of incredible leaders. This year, we invited these alumnae to partake in a special Perspectives, by asking them to define themselves. The January issue Entrepreneur identified the seven characteristics of successful entrepreneurs/leaders as tenacious, passionate, risk-taker, visionary, self-believer, flexible and rule-breaker. Among our 38 women answering our call to action, passionate was the favored response with 13 women. And, one reported she’s passionary—passionate+visionary.

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