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Perspectives: The Rule-Breakers

Elizabeth Jakaitis | October 2, 2014 | 9:10 AM
THE RULE-BREAKERS: “I was a rebel from an early age, questioning the logic of how most people viewed the world. I have one very important lesson I share: ‘It’s all in the interpretation!’ Events in life, both good and bad, will impact you according to how you choose to experience them. We create and invent our life through the choices we make.” —Carolyn Corporon, vice president of marketing, CosmoProf, division of Beauty Systems Group LLC
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THE RULE-BREAKERS: “When I started, I was the only stylist who knew how to style curly hair. I knew then, when I opened my salon it would be for curls only. There were many critics, and I had to change the minds of the industry and their perception of curly hair. Ouidad, the brand, introduced curly hair and the acceptance of natural beauty to the beauty industry, which wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Rule Breakers like myself.” —Ouidad, founder of Ouidad
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THE RULE-BREAKERS: “I’ve made it my mission to deliver something exciting to the OPI consumer. I’ve steered clear of the ‘rules’ of the nail industry—from colors to lacquer names to collaborations.” —Suzi-Weiss Fischmann, co-founder and brand ambassador, OPI
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THE RULE-BREAKERS: “I thank God for using me in different roles that enable me to bend without breaking, take risks and break a few rules to achieve unobtainable goals and meet unimaginable needs: founder, president and CEO, janitor, guest services, receptionist, hairdresser, philanthropist, coach, consultant, game-changer, rule-breaker, wife, mommy, friend.” —Diane Cole Stevens, owner of Cole Stevens, Washington, D.C. and Nioxin design team artist
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In SALON TODAY’s past three October women’s issues, we’re honored a bevy of incredible leaders. This year, we invited these alumnae to partake in a special Perspectives, by asking them to define themselves.

The January issue Entrepreneur identified the seven characteristics of successful entrepreneurs/leaders as tenacious, passionate, risk-taker, visionary, self-believer, flexible and rule-breaker.

Among our 38 women, four admitted they were rule-breakers:

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