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Perspectives: The Flexible and The Self-Believer

Lauren Salapatek | October 1, 2014 | 12:51 AM
THE FLEXIBLE: “I strive to be flexible because I learn the most when I am open minded and embrace change. I relate to the saying, ‘If you want to grow, you must be willing to stretch.’ When the stretch is really uncomfortable though, it is also important to be resilient; so the stress of change doesn’t overcome you, and you can adapt with confidence.” —Judy Rambert, vice president of global education, Pivot Point International
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THE FLEXIBLE: “You might have a ‘plan’ but that plan can change. It’s those who are flexible and able to effortlessly welcome change as an unexpected opportunity that succeed. There have been many times that my way didn’t work out, and a year down the road the universe ended up having a better plan in mind. So remain diligent, and focus on your pursuit, but open up those sails girl, if the wind changes.” —Janine Jarman, owner of Hairroin Salons, Hollywood and New York
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THE FLEXIBLE: “Our business is completely different than when we first opened, and had we not been willing to change over the years, we would not exist today. What started out as a women’s fashion boutique selling Estee Lauder cosmetics needed to morph into a full-service day spa, in response to continuous changes in our marketplace. I believe the most successful people are experts at implementing plan B.“ —Patricia Owen, president, Faces DaySpa, Hilton Head, South Carolina
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THE SELF-BELIEVER: “At 17, my beauty school teacher told me that I’d never amount to anything. But at 22, I moved to New York from Michigan without any contacts or financial support, and soon after started my own business by setting up a salon in my 4th floor walk-up apartment in the East Village. Later I expanded from a tiny, three-chair salon to a 3,000-square-foot space with no staff—I was the only hairdresser upon opening and later trained my own team—that turned out to be the launching pad for my company today.” —Eva Scrivo, owner of Eva Scrivo Salon, NYC
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In SALON TODAY’s past three October women’s issues, we’re honored a bevy of incredible leaders. This year, we invited these alumnae to partake in a special Perspectives, by asking them to define themselves. The January issue Entrepreneur identified the seven characteristics of successful entrepreneurs/leaders as tenacious, passionate, risk-taker, visionary, self-believer, flexible and rule-breaker. Of the 38 women answering our call to action, a mere three describe themselves as flexible and only one says she is a self-believer:





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