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Add Sparkle to your Holiday Profits

Crystal and | November 26, 2013 | 7:41 PM

‘Tis the season’ when a majority of your clients visit your salon or spa during the last several weeks of the year.  Ho! Ho! Ho! What a wonderful time of year to increase your business. Are you achieving your earning potential this holiday?  Get your SPARKLE ON!

Buy One, GIVE One
Fabulous finds are always popular with clients, and gift giving becomes easy and affordable when you offer “Buy One, Get One” free promotions.   In the spirit of it’s better to give than receive, this year promote the offer as “Buy One, GIVE One”.  The offers could be retail products or a combination of a service and retail. Two gifts for the price of one are definitely a fabulous find, or maybe the client decides to Keep One, Give One, - all the Merrier!  Offer the gift items beautifully packaged and ready to give!

Celebrate Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday, which is December 2nd this year, is the peak day for online shopping.  Dazzle your clients with special online offers for services or retail and convenient online appointment scheduling.  Plan your strategy and be ready to promote prior to Cyber Monday via email marketing and posts on social media ahead of time.   Create a sense of urgency and specify a time frame for exclusive offers for Cyber Monday beginning Sunday, December 1 at 12:00AM and ending Monday, December 2 at 11:59PM.  Gift certificates are one of the easiest items to sell online.  Cheers!

Share the Joy Holiday Contest
Engage clients through social media in fun ways that create joy for the season. Create a holiday contest for your clients, which is beauty related such as posting their holiday glam look.  Even consider a holiday activity outside the world of beauty that many of your clients do this season such as baking cookies.  The key is engagement.  For example, have a contest to post favorite holiday cookie recipes & pictures to Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram.  To enter the contest, the client provides an email and name. Include a hashtag of your promo so you can easily find the entries unless you have a dedicated landing page.  Get the party started by sharing your favorite recipe on the contest page as a way of sharing the joy of the Season.  Select the winner’s yourself, or through crowd sourced voting.  The social contest creates loyalty of existing clients and gains new clients as the contest is shared with friends to vote. Prize ideas may be gift certificates, free beauty consultation, retail products or service, or a combination.  Happy loyal clients and attracting new clients - Joy to the World!

Twelve Days of Christmas
Let the count down begin!  Launch a promotion featuring a seasonal holiday time frame such as the Twelve Days of Christmas Countdown, or the Eight Days of Hanukkah.  Create a sense of urgency and limited availability and offer promotions limited to the one day of each of the days during that promotional time frame.  Blog or post on social media for each of the days to include added value with the promotion such as tips for holiday hair or make-up that adds glamour and is perfect for any party.  Sparkle On!

Create a Holiday Beauty Lounge
So much shopping, so little time leaves your clients stressed this holiday season.  And, running from work to holiday events often leaves little time to go from day to glam. Offer complimentary or reasonably priced express services such as hand treatments, makeup or hair touchups.  If your team is fully booked, offer neck wraps, or foot soaks while clients wait wait for their appointment.  Relaxed clients are more open to your recommendations. Better yet, create a beauty lounge for specific hours during the holiday where various express & relaxation services are offered for a fee or complimentary to get your clients coming in while they are out shopping or for a quick visit when getting ready for a holiday party.  Jingle, Jingle, all the way!

Ready for more SPARKLE?  Play the Sparkle Game on our website ( for a chance to win a marketing call for exclusive tips to your salon and spa on how to maximize your profits this holiday season!  

About Pure Beauté:
Pure Beauté is a global coaching and consulting company inspiring excellence with innovative programs in leadership, marketing, and sales for spas, salons, resorts, fashion, beauty and luxury brands.   Unique features of our services include signature programs for success, and proven leadership principles based on certified training by the world-renowned leadership author and coach, John Maxwell, which includes tailoring John’s principles specifically to the beauty industry.  To learn more about Pure Beauté or upcoming events, go to

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