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McClive Learning Group, Inc.

November 7, 2012 | 10:05 AM

McClive Learning Group, Inc.
203-321-8360 or 203-912-9027 • [email protected]
OWNER: Susan McClive

McClive Learning Group, Inc. provides an online course, specific to the salon and day spa industries, that teaches all staff how to cross-sell their salon/spa’s products and services. As well, owners receive a guide to help them coach, reward and hold staff members accountable.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: Through mcclivelgonline. com, your staff can take the course online— on any computer at home or at work, and can complete a module during a 20-minute break. No time is taken away from clients in order to attend training. The course generates significant results— an immediate increase in sales of products and services, while maintaining and strengthening client relationships. Owners can expect a 25% increase in revenues to their business!

HOW WE WORK: Any individual or owner can obtain a one-year license to access the course online. The cost is $250 per person (1-5 people) with up to a 20% discount depending on the number of staff members to be trained. Each staff member may access any of the seven course modules four times during the year, as a refresher, from any computer at work or at home. (Sorry, iPads and iPhones can’t handle the technology yet.) We are available by phone and e-mail to assist as needed. Owners can receive a free monthly newsletter with coaching tips and tools. Staff and owners can receive a free monthly newsletter with tips and tools to use when interacting clients. All who take the course get a summary sheet they can keep at their stations for quick reminders. Plus, we offer live, on-site training opportunities, for an additional fee.

CATCH US AT: Our website mcclivelg-online. com and click on “Demo the Course” in the blue banner below our company logo.

WORDS OF WISDOM: Anyone can increase client loyalty and the number of products and/ or services the client purchases. All they need to do is have the right conversation in the right way. Everybody wins—staff, owners, and the client!

BETTER BOTTOM LINE IN 2013: Learn how to talk passionately and compassionately with clients about your products and services.

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