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Egyptian Summer at Habitude

Inez Gray | June 20, 2012 | 7:27 PM
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Some of the retail goodies at the Offerings Eco-Boutique in Habitude with a promotion of the new Nile Revival Service menu.
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Nefertiti invites guests on an aromatherapy sensory journey at Habitude.
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King Tut and an offering of summer hats at Habitude.
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An ayurvedic hair loss treatment is cleverly incorporated into the Nile Revival menu as a scalp purification service.
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When Inez Gray, owner of Habitude in Seattle, Washington, told us about the success she's been having with her newest special seasonal service menu, we knew we wanted to share her story. So we invited her to submit a guest blog that talks about the menu, its inspiration and shows you how she's co-branded to drive success. Here's Inez's blog:

Egyptian Summer at Habitude"One of our annual traditions at Habitude is to create seasonal menus honoring different cultures from around the world. Stared about seven years ago, these special service menus keep our staff inspired and our clients engaged in new and different services and products. Every year, we launch them in May as part of our Mother's Day promotion. (CLICK HERE to see this year's promotion.)

"A year ago, we began throwing around ideas for our destination and while internet surfing, we realized that the King Tut exhibit would be on display for the last time in North America right here in Seattle. That was our inspiration, and soon our Nile Revival menu was born. (CLICK HERE to see the Nile Revival menu.)

"The King Tut exhibition was organized by National Geographic and Arts & Exhibitions International, with cooperation from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities. Locally, it's sponsored by Seattle's Convention & Visitors Bureau, The Pacific Science Center and with Seattle's Northern Trust as a cultural partner. Great networking relationship for us.

"As a child, I was one of 1.3 million people who stood in a long line for Seattle Art Museum's King Tut exhibition at Seattle Center's Flag Pavillion in 1978, and it had a lasting impact on me. Prior to Thursday's opening, 90,000 tickets had already been sold, with attendance for the year reaching over a million viewers.

"We are also part of the Golden Pharaoh program which we helped create and champion. It offers discounts to anyone who buys a ticket to the show. At Habitude, we offered 15 percent off any of the Nile Revival menu offerings to any Golden Pharoah members. We have already seen dozens of new customers as a result. (CLICK HERE to see more on the Golden Pharaoh's program.

"In addition, we are thrilled that we have received lots of free press for co-branding with the exhibit. (CLICK HERE to see an example.)

"As part of our commitment to keeping our team inspired, we launched the Nile Revival services at our staff meeting with a beautiful buffet of figs, fruit, yogurt, granola, belly dancing and a guest scientist from the exhibit who gave us a sneak peek behind the mysterious curtain of how it came to be.

"We also filled our Offerings Eco-Boutique with golden trinkets, treasures and bangles influenced by our theme that they are selling like hot-cakes. We can't wait to unveil Egyptian Christmas in October.

"It has been our best seasonal menu choice ever, as we piggy backed on hype already created in our community. We are already surfing 2013 calendars, looking for co-branding partners....hhhmmmm, National Ikebana Festival? Maybe we are headed for Japan!"

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