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De Luxe Hot & Cold Towel Wet Shave

Lauren Salapatek | May 7, 2012 | 12:02 PM

Tommy Guns Salon

WHERE IT'S AT: Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York
OWNER: Russell Manley
DESCRIPTION: This service includes a gentle exfoliation of the skin, application of scented hot and cold towels, cleansing, and the choice of two shaving creams. The Barber then goes to work with an open razor, followed by the application of an after-shave balm which continues the cooling and soothing process, restoring hydration to the face.
PRICE: $40
LENGTH OF SERVICE: 35-45 minutes
WHO PERFORMS IT: senior stylists
PRODUCTS/TOOLS NEEDED: Shaving products by Baxter of California
HOW IT’S MARKETED: website, menu
AVERAGE SOLD PER MONTH: 40-60, more on Father’s Day and Holidays

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Salon & Spa Services
Salon & Spa Services

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