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New Blog Celebrates How Beauty Changes Lives

Stacey Soble | January 6, 2012 | 2:00 PM

New Blog Celebrates How Beauty Changes LivesHow does beauty change lives? The Beauty Changes Lives blog answers that question by showcasing how beauty professional and ordinary 'civilians' are using beauty to benefit individuals, communities and even the world.

The blog, located at, is an extension of the Beauty Changes Lives initiative launched by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools in 2010. The initiative raises awareness of careers in the beauty industry and provides beauty school scholarships.

The Beauty Changes Lives blog is a forum where anyone with a passion for beauty can converse, collaborate and inspire others. A team of guest authors, including beauty bloggers, salon and spa professionals, and students share first-person stories of transformation, giving back and inspiring others.

The inagural post, authored by hairdresser, writer and editor Jeryl Spear titled, "Yes, I'm a hairdresser," celebrates how Spear's career choice has allowed her to play a part in some of life's biggest moments ranging from a baby's first haircut to a bride's wedding day to a hospice patient's final hours. "So often, hairstylists are portrayed in a frivolous light, but the reality is we're often a part of life's transformative moments, whether that's a wedding celebration or empowering someone with the confidence to pursue a new career calling," says Spear.

Beauty Changes Lives spokeswoman Jenn Lyles said the blog seeks feedback from individuals within and beyond the beauty industry. "Beauty professionals touch every facet of the world. Cut-a-thons benefitting children's programs, domestic violence prevention initiatives and complimentary services for hospitalized patients are just some of the ways beauty professionals give back. We want them to hear from those who serve and those who are served by beauty professionals," Lyles said.

Individuals can submit their stories to [email protected] More information about the Beauty Changes Lives initiative can be found at

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