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2011 Salon Software Guide

Lauren Salapatek | July 25, 2011 | 8:42 AM

When it comes to managing your salon, your software is your most valuable business partner. This brief guide introduces you to the business management software players in the professional beauty industry.


Bizlink Management

ClienTrak! Spa & Salon Software

Crimpers Management Software

Envision Salon and Spa Management Software

Floydware, LLC

GuestVision Technology Solutions


Leprechaun Spa and Salon

Mikal Salon & Spa Software

Milano Software

Millennium by Harms Software Inc.

Mindbody, Inc.

SalonBiz Software, Neill Technologies

SalonBooker by GramercyOne

Salon Iris Software by DaySmart Software Inc.

Salon Suite Accounting

Salon Transcripts

Shortcuts Software

SuperSalon by Rogers Software Development Inc.

TouchSuite Salon/Spa by Invenstar


Virtual Spa and Salon/Software Creations




[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: BeautyTrack 2.3.1 and BeautyTrack Express 2.3.1

KEY FEATURES: Management tool for inventory, and also appointment tracking; tracking your customers history, visits, packages, and also purchases; instantly calculates commissions for services and purchases, e-mail marketing and appointment reminder, profit control, employee security, training takes less than 15 minutes.

Bizlink Management Software >>


[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: Detailed Sales Reporting (average service ticket price, average retail item price and average sales price)

KEY FEATURES: Online scheduling for clients, credit card integration, retail, inventory reports, customer e-mail and text message marketing, appointment reminders, sales reports, profi t and loss reports, payroll and time clock.


ClienTrak! Spa & Salon Software >>


Fax: 412-939-3393

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KEY FEATURES: Easy appointment scheduling, automated appointment reminders, inexpensive credit card processing, easy to read reports, loyalty, caller ID, payroll.


Crimpers Management Software LLC >>


[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: Crimpers for Single User and Crimpers Salon Management for Windows 7

KEY FEATURES: Automatic multi-service appointment booking; internet module for web access for clients to book, review or cancel appointments 24/7; automated inventory ordering and control; training or problem solving over the internet.


Envision Salon and Spa Management Software >>


Fax: 407-253-0984

[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: Envision Version 6.5 and EnvisionAccess Online Portal

KEY FEATURES: Online access from home computers and smartphones to appointment book, schedule, client information and select business reports. Features integrated text message; HTML e-mail; loyalty point program; social media marketing capabilities; automated appointment confi rmations and online executive dashboard.


Floydware, LLC >>


[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: Rosy Salon and Spa Software

KEY FEATURES: Point-of-sale, inventory management, employee management, scheduling/online customer scheduling (with algorithms that ensure cluster booking), e-mail confi rmations and text notifications, integrated e-mail marketing with campaign tracking, mobile friendly remote access, integrated credit card processing, resource scheduling, pre-booking, appointment builder, cancelation list, client history and purchase patterns.


GuestVision Technology Solutions >>


[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: GuestVision 2011

KEY FEATURES: Delivers a complete software solution for point-of-sale, appointment scheduling, inventory, time clock, payroll, scheduling, automatic reporting, live remote access, and integration with back-office software. Run reports across all locations, or an individual location.


Korvue >>



Fax: 413-812-5004

NEWEST PRODUCT: Custom Mobile Applications for staff or clients. Korvue supports custom mobile applications designed for mobile platforms such as the iPhone/iPod, iPad and Android with new mobile framework.

KEY FEATURES: This framework allows salons to interact with staff and clients without the limits of one-size-fits all software.


Leprechaun Spa and Salon Software >>


Fax: 412-939-3393

[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: Online Booking

KEY FEATURES: Easy to use reporting, caller ID, automated appointment reminders, marketing integration, payroll, gift cards, wholesale credit card rates.


Mikal Salon & Spa Software >>


Fax: 513-528-8264

[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: Preceptionist Tablet App and Stylist in a Box

KEY FEATURES: Preceptionist Tablet App: Allows clients to check-in, update their information, book a future appointment, look at current specials, and look at staff information and service descriptions. Stylist in a Box: Includes six hours of training;

unlimited phone support; building service, retail, and employee information; and three years of on-site service.


Milano Software >>


Fax: 905-884-9505

[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: Milano Software V8

KEY FEATURES: Real-Time Head Offi ce provides franchise wide communication including client sharing, gift card sharing, global inventory maintenance, real-time reporting, and advanced global loyalty programs. The software also includes automated marketing and a redesigned database structure.


Millennium by Harms Software Inc. >>


Fax: 973-402-8813

[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: New User Interface that includes enhanced navigation, dashboard screens and a new online booking product.

KEY FEATURES: Automated appointment book; full point-of-sale system; automated marketing capabilities with e-mail and text message features; inventory management; multi-location and franchise management; employee scheduling and smartphone features.

Mindbody, Inc. >>


Fax: 866-759-7958

[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: Mindbody Software (main product)

KEY FEATURES: Check your schedule from any computer or mobile device, as well as let clients schedule with “smart booking;” confirm appointments via e-mail or text; print working tickets; keep your data secure; easily generate sales, marketing and inventory reports.


SalonBiz Software, Neill Technologies >>


[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: SalonBiz iPad application, White Board, and 2-way integration with Demandforce.

KEY FEATURES: iPad App helps increase client retention, frequency of visits and retail sales. Whiteboard allows realtime coaching on the key metrics that make your staff successful. Two-way integration with Demandforce features automated appointment confirmations; guest reviews; Facebook integration; and an online referral system that makes client communication and revenue tracking easy.


SalonBooker by GramercyOne >>


[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: SalonBooker’s Facebook Scheduling Application

KEY FEATURES: Facebook App: Clients can pick a date, time and service, search for availability and book their appointment without ever leaving your Facebook page. After booking, clients click to share their appointment for their Facebook friends to see.

SalonBooker: Handles scheduling, marketing, point-of-sale, CRM, mobile functionality, social media marketing, employee management, credit card and gift card certificate processing, service and retail management, and a special/promotions engine for yield management.


Salon Iris Software by DaySmart Software Inc. >>


Fax: 734-943-6018

[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: Android App for Salon Iris Software V9

KEY FEATURES: Designed for appointment scheduling, point-of-sale, business growth and management. Includes: remote access through any laptop, computer, phone or mobile device with internet access; Android and iPhone apps; full point-of-sale and checking out clients; client tracking and formula history; payroll; inventory control and ordering; over 200 detailed business performance reports and graphing; database backups and more.

Salon Suite Accounting >>

[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: Salon Suite Accounting

KEY FEATURES: Salon Suite Accounting is an online accounting tool that allows salon stylists to track their weekly profits and expenses in a quick, hassle free view of the week.

Salon Transcripts >>


[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: Mobile Terminal

KEY FEATURES: Mobile Terminal for STX allows iPod Touch to accept payment at the chair, in the lobby—anywhere within a Wi-Fi enabled business establishment. STX software for salons and spas manages employee scheduling and compensation; tracks service and retail sales; provides effective marketing to clients and analyzes results; tracks inventory; allows for online booking of client appointments; sends e-mail and text message appointment reminders; allows staff to remotely check their schedules; accommodates gift card sales and more.


Shortcuts Software >>


Fax: 714-622-6603

[email protected]


KEY FEATURES: iPad compatible, point-of-sale, automatic e-mail marketing, twoway appointment confi rmations, online booking, inventory management, client centric and employee management


SuperSalon by Rogers Software Development Inc. >>


Fax: 888-820-2185

[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: Online Check-In, SuperSalon

KEY FEATURES: A touch-screen salon point-of-sale system; a webbased management system with tools and information that owners can use to manage; systems to help improve customer trial, customer experience, loyalty, retention and frequency of visits.


TouchSuite Salon/Spa by Invenstar >>


Fax: 561-961-2983

[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: TouchSuite Version 3.2

KEY FEATURES: Comprehensive and remote reporting; Visual Ticket Builder; enhanced colorcoded appointment scheduler; cash register/point-of-sale; integrated gift certifi cates; gift cards, and integrated credit card processing; full client management; retail management; vendor management; automatic remote backup; view online book; automated e-mail and text messaging for marketing.


Verasoft >>



Fax: 413-812-5004

NEWEST PRODUCT: PrimeIX Custom Software

KEY FEATURES: PrimeIX allows total custom software design for large companies that integrates seamlessly with capable legacy systems, website and vendors. PrimeIX technology can incorporate human resources, call center, lead generation, advanced scheduling (both online and onsite), full CRM and project management, department dashboards, warehousing and pipeline management. PrimeIX is a full end-to-end system that brings all your departments and subsidiaries on one platform.


Virtual Spa and Salon/Software Creations >>

800-382-5510 x1

Fax: 800-934-5136

[email protected]

NEWEST PRODUCT: Virtual Spa & Salon Hosted Cloud Software on Amazon EC2

KEY FEATURES: Paperless mobility; recommend via smartphone or tablet on the floating paperless sales ticket; loyalty points; gift cards with no transaction fees; client online booking in real-time; client kiosk on the iPad; and central booking on Enterprise Cloud.

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