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Moving Targets

July 10, 2011 | 5:12 PM
Moving TargetsMoving Targets

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Owner: Jay Siff

Using its three, simple, proven marketing services, Moving Targets aggressively promotes your business to local neighbors and current customers. We'll use the power of direct-response marketing to drive customers into your salon like never before.

Why we're different: We do everything for you-design, prepare, print and personalize your greeting with your special offer…and mail/e-mail them for you. Plus, we have no contracts, no minimums, no set-up fees, and no hidden charges.

How we work: Here's our three-point promise: 1) We will send streams of new customers through your door; 2) We will infl uence your present customers to return more often; and 3) We will persuade them to spend more money. Bottom line: You'll see more traffic, more sales, more profits and enjoy the feeling of being back on track.

Moving Targets New Resident Direct Mail Service: Persuades new resident who move into your neighborhood to visit YOU, instead of your competitors.

Birthday Connections Custom Birthday Card Service to Local Residents: Turn hundreds of neighbors into crowds of buyers by sending them a greeting and gift for their special day!

Loyal Rewards Customer Emailing Service: Uses the power email to turn your own customers into a profitable goldmine of additional repeat business…for as low as three cents each!
Our advice:

"Measure your marketing success by real factual numbers (ROI)…don't judge it by your emotions because they can lead you into the wrong direction."

2011 wisdom: "In this roller coaster economy, don't count on people stumbling through your doors on their own…you need to aggressively promote your business and pull them in."

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Management Practices
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