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Kopsa Otte CPAs and Advisors

July 10, 2011 | 5:12 PM
Kopsa Otte CPAs and AdvisorsKopsa Otte CPAs and Advisors

| 402-362-6636 or 800-975-4829 | [email protected]
Owners: Larry Kopsa, CPA; Candy Otte, CPA; and Stacey Stark, CPA

Kopsa Otte CPAs and Advisors specialize in the area of salons, spas and distributors for the last 20 years, working with hundreds of clients all over the United States. Our experts have been called the "financial and tax go-to professionals" for salons and spas.

Why we're different: We realized working in niche markets allows us to become "experts" and accordingly we can create value for our clients. One unique part of our engagement is that we give our clients what we call "unlimited access." This means that clients or anyone that they designate can call us with questions and there aren't any additional fees charged. Distance has never been a problem-we actually spend more time talking with our long-distance clients than we do the clients in our backyard.

How we work: Our "Second Opinion" is a way for us to show potential clients what we can do for them. We put a lot of effort into straightening out the accounting, so we can compare numbers to industry averages and benchmarks. In addition, we closely review their tax returns to advise on form of business and other tax strategies that may have been missed. On many occasions we actually are able to file amended tax returns to get refunds back.

Catch us at: Check Larry's speaking engagements on our blog at

Our advice: "Always run your business to make it more valuable so that if you ever sold, it would be worth more. If you follow this philosophy, you will always be making good business decisions."

2011 wisdom: "There are several challenges in the salon industry: adequate staffing, plummeting retail sales, impact of booth rentals on commission salon; high commission structures. Distributor challenges include decreased retail sales and distributor market segment consolidation. Beauty school challenges include access to funding, student enrollments, more competition for students."

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