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What Have You Done to Give Your Salon a Signature Style?

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 1:34 PM

What Have You Done to Give Your Salon a Signature Style?

"We recently remodeled our salon to reflect a younger, hipper style. We also revamped our website and service menus to coincide with the decor. Our next endeavor is to rethink our business card design to reflect this same brand."

Tamara Hendon
The Salon & Spa at Mystic Hair
Tampa, Florida  

"Our salon is very involved in fashion shows. Currently, we are having a "40s Fit and Fab" pageant-complete with a celebrity emcee and judges! This event is very exciting for everyone involved and it's a great way to promote the salon."

Debi Beelow
NV Salon
Greenville, South Carolina  

"We are located in a college town, so we use college-age students in our photo shoots and fashion show benefits."       

Mary Park-Smith
Gainesville, Florida  

"We carry flavored coffees and, as simple as that sounds, the expectation that they will be there waiting for our guests has almost become part of our brand. We even have guests who will drop by between visits just to have a cup of coffee! Building our coffee bar has created a coffee house comfort that our guests love. It has become so popular we may start selling it by the pound!

Sally Zarlinga
Lucia's...the salon
Lyndhurst, Ohio  

"We make little changes to the salon decor often. The clients love to walk in and see something new, and it ensures the salon always looks updated and clean."

Crescent LoMonaco
Salon Monaco
Carpinteria, California  

"We revamp our salon attire, music and website on a quarterly basis. Since fashion is the forefront of our business, everyone is pleased that we discuss these subjects regularly at team meetings. It's part of the creative process of the salon team."

Noelyne Langston
Noelyne Ltd.
Fayetteville, North Carolina  

"We use as much technology as possible through our e-mail confirmation system, WiFi access, mounted plasma TV and high-tech kitchen with a variety of beverages and food. We host events with friends who are in different businesses-trunk shows for shoes and clothes before they hit the stores, Botox and educational events from plastic surgeons. We also sponsor local art shows and band events."

Suzie Bond
Perfect 5th
Mooresville, North Carolina  

"Our hair and make-up is always photo-ready and we only dress in the latest fashions. We are in the beauty industry, so we make it a point to be picture perfect everyday on our website, our plasma TVs and in professional shoots. We keep our decor fresh with beautiful floral arrangements, a modern color palette, sleek vases and seating arrangements. Our music reflects the vibe we have-professional, contemporary and, of course, relaxing."

April Lyn Graffeo
Indra Salon and Spa
Andover, Massachusetts  

"I have given my salon its signature style by designing and decorating it with a modern/industrial/mid-century vibe, while still maintaining a comfortable and inviting atmosphere."

Erica Jo Wilson
EJ-588 Hair Studio
Sonoma, California  

"When I decorated my salon, I chose a theme and made sure that everything flowed from that theme. I also use the salon as an art gallery where we feature a local artist and change the art every eight weeks."

Shari Fritz
Oakland, California  

"Our signature style is eclectic. We have lots of custom pieces and unique features-we're anything but cookie cutter. We do not look like the salon next door. Our music is soft alternative, never boring or blaring."

Sam Johnston
ABQ Hair Studio
Albuquerque, New Mexico  

"I use the salon as an art gallery where we feature a local artist and change the art every eight weeks."

Shari Fritz
Oakland, California  

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