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Lauren Salapatek | April 18, 2012 | 12:26 PM
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Madeline Before Photograph, Photography: Vikki Parman
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Madeline Makeover by Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, Photography: Larry Oskin
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Kristen Before Photograph, Photography: Vikki Parman
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Kristen Makeover by Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, Photography: Larry Oskin
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Carri Before Photograph, Photography: Vikki Parman
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Carri Makeover by Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, Photography: Larry Oskin
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I recently met with Di Biase Hair Extensions USA and I found out they are doing wonderful makeovers on women who are lacking in hair confidence. Working with women who are in chemotherapy to those who need a hair-pick-me up, Di Biase is touching lives one extension at a time!

Vikki Parman, CEO and director of education of Di Biase Hair Extensions provided us with these tips for building client confidence with healthy looking extensions. "There are so many salon clients who are unhappy with their hair," says Parman. "It will usually be for many reasons including lack of volume, body, texture or the inability to grow to desired length. As a hair stylist, you have the wonderful opportunity to help give your clients the hair they really dream and desire. Professional salon hair extensions will solve most of the challenges your clients have. Adding exciting new volume, fun hair color without harsh chemicals and instant length may be accomplished in one salon visit."

Parman's Tips:

  1. Be sure to always schedule an initial consultation with your client so they can explain their challenges, likes, dislikes, wishes and concerns before you share creative options and hair extension opportunities to help build their confidence in you, hair extensions and themselves.
  2. Always carefully analyze your client’s hair to make sure their hair is in a condition that will enable a successful hair extensions application. Explain your haircare analysis, while sharing the wonderful benefits available through a variety of hair extension makeovers and application options.
  3. Get certified and take advanced training courses in hair extensions. Make sure you stay current with your hair extensions training while sharing your credentials and experience, so your client will have complete confidence in you and your professional abilities with hair extensions.
  4. Inquire about your client’s lifestyle, health and hobbies before any salon service. Then, you may give in-depth haircare instructions to your client, so her hair extensions will stay fabulous for months and throughout her daily activities.
  5. Select the hair quality and best application method for your client’s hair extensions. Some clients may benefit more from a custom made clip or adhesive hair extension application which is more temporary, while they may benefit best from the usual fusion and bonded hair extension applications.
  6. Create a hair extensions portfolio stylebook with your best makeover photographs, to help your clients visualize the many creative possibilities available to them as well as your expert skill level.
  7. Be clear with your client about how long the hair extensions will last, what their care involves and how much it will cost to remove them.
  8. It is always a good idea to give a written estimate for hair extension application to your client.
  9. Set-up a hair extensions maintenance plan including follow-up appointments, recommended haircare products, tools, shampoo and hairstyling instructions. This will keep your client’s confidence high, not only in her hairstyle but in herself.
  10. Be sure you and your staff work as a team to complement your client’s new hair extensions and new image! They will leave your salon looking and feeling great, with a beautiful new sense of self-confidence!

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