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TEAM SPIRIT: A "Fashion First" Philosophy Fuels the Team at Amika

Anne Moratto | August 23, 2013 | 8:16 AM
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Naeemah LaFond, National Pro Education Manager (in green, center) surrounded by her amika team.
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Their gorgeous graphics and stylish show bags were the first thing people noticed about the amika brand when it launched. A New York-based professional line consisting of styling tools and the Obliphica hair care system, amika’s image continues to impress as the brand communicates its fashion-forward message to stylists across the country. 

“We’ve had great reactions especially at trade shows,” says Naeemah LaFond, National Pro Education Manager, who brings her background in editorial and session styling to her role of amika advocate-in-chief. “What has been most impactful is stylists seeing the different looks that are going to be part of our classes.  We show the finished looks at the shows and in the class, we’ll give you the steps to achieve it.”

 As LaFond explains, amika has put the focus on education this year.   “They see that it is vital to any haircare brand.  And they brought me in because I’m a hairstylist with a business background and I can relate to other hairstylists.  I know who I’m talking to and what they need. “ 

amika, which means “loved friend” uses the tag line, “Love Your Hair” which, LaFond says “can mean love your own hair, love your client’s hair by creating beautiful styles and preserving the integrity of the hair with great products.”

Today, LaFond oversees an education team of eight who were selected via video. “We had a huge nationwide video casting call. Hairdressers were asked to send in a video demonstrating their favorite updo and favorite looks,” she says. “I’m still looking to add to that team because we have several more regions we need to cover and we’re looking to go international with our educational program.”

“When choosing my team it was important to look for specific qualities –talent, personality, passion and humility.  As a hairstylist myself and having being a student, I have had amazing educators in my lifetime and I think my managerial and teaching style is inspired by all of them.  Our team members know that they not only have responsibility to teach about the brand but also to inspire and motivate.”

Some new member will be selected in September during amika’s Destination Fashion Week when LaFond can watch them work during a hands-on training event.

“This is a five day educational program we hold during New York Fashion Week. Stylists from our distribution partners in different part of the world come to learn from our team,” says LaFond. “We’ve created a very versatile curriculum emphasizing fashion first.  I know a lot of the time you can take a hairstyling class and it is very salon friendly but many stylists want to know how to build a portfolio, how can you work behind the scenes at fashion week so our team of editorial stylists are going to show how to break into the industry and what techniques and trends are current. We also teach organizational skills to help you understand your clients and their needs and how to practice the art of the consultation.”

If your aim is amika, contact [email protected] for information on joining the team.

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